How to Change the Language in Genshin Impact – Voice-Over & Text

There’s always a proverbial battle between an eastern game fanbase when they’re released in the west. Do you play the title in its originally intended language, or brave it out with the English dub? Sometimes the voice acting isn’t the greatest. Other times you’d just rather play the game with all its intended nuance — with the original patter and rhythm of the language it was made for. Regardless of which camp you fall into, Genshin Impact does allow you to change which language the character’s speak.

In point of fact, even the English download of the game will let you select from multiple choices. The process is split into multiple styles, though, so you might be unsure where to look for the language settings. Never fear! We’ve got step by step instructions on how to get what you need. Let’s take a look at how to change the language (both versions of it) in Genshin Impact.

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How to Change Language in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact there are two different language settings: game language and voice-over language. These have been split into two discrete selections. That way if you’d prefer to hear the voice acting in Chinese, but still want everything to be typed in English so you can read it, this is how you do so!

Then there’s actually changing the dang thing. Just press the Escape Key (or whatever equivalent you have on consoles and mobile phones) to open the side menu. Then click on the gear symbol. This will open up options. From there, you can navigate all the way down to Language. It’s finally here that you will be able to adjust your language and voice-over settings however you so desire.

At this time, Genshin Impact supports many different game languages to choose from. To start with, these include Dutch, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, and more. The voice-over selection is quite a lot more limited, however. Right now the game only supports English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Still, that’s a good deal of options compared to most games these days, which often don’t come with selections at all. Or if they do, it’s only the text that changes.

Which Language Should You Choose

Whichever decision you make in this case will matter a great deal, too. There’s a ton of voice acting in Genshin Impact — surprising for a gacha game. Almost everything is spoken aloud. For our two cents, the English voices aren’t that great. They’re a little flat and archetypical. On the other hand, as non-native speakers, the Japanese voice-acting sounds pretty much indistinguishable from a basic anime. The decision is up to you, of course! There’s always a convenience (and sometimes accessibility) factor in mind when using text and/or voice.

For more information, check out all of our posts above. They delve into many details including the incredibly slow download times, details on crossplay and cross save, and explaining what impact the gender you choose at the start of the game has on the rest of your play experience. Have fun and take care!