How to Change Freighter Color in No Man’s Sky

One of the more frustrating experiences in the history of No Man’s Sky was trying to get a freighter which was visually appealing in both its structure and color scheme. As part of today’s Desolation update, Hello Games has added the ability to change your freighter’s color. But where do you do that? The answer is relatively simple.

Where to Change Your Freighter Color

Hello Games has upgraded your freighter. To change either the primary or secondary color of your ship, just head on over to the cockpit and interact with the Upgrade Control station. Here you can apply any colors you’ve purchased. It’s worth noting that changing colors and applying them is free, but unlocking them is now.

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How to Get More Colors

You don’t start off with any colors unlocked. To get colors, choose the Purchase Upgrades option and tab over to the Freighter Recoloring tab. Here you can purchase ten different colors for 5,000 Nanite Clusters each. Needless to say, that’s a decent chunk of change for newer players.

How To Get More Nanites

Nanites can be obtained through a variety of methods. You’ll get small amounts of them for searching abandoned shelters on planets, uploading discoveries, destroying sentinels, and more.

You can also refine Nanite Clusters in a refiner through the following recipes:

  • 5 Runaway Mould → 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 35 Platinum → 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 25 Platinum + 15 Gold + 15 Silver → 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 1 Hexite + 1 Faecium → 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 25 Pugneum → 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 1 Larval Core → 50 Nanite Clusters
  • 1 Hadal Core → 50 Nanite Clusters
  • 1 Salvaged Data → 15 Nanite Clusters

If you’re truly rolling in credits, one of the best ways to get more Nanites is by selling scrap ships. Buy ships at space stations and just scrap them. Doing so will reward you with one to four upgrade modules which randomly sell for as low as 50 and as high as 500 Nanites each.

Again, it’s recommended that you have a lot of units if you choose to do this method. You’ll still retain about 75 percent of your investment, but it will require trips to multiple wealthy systems since dropping all of those materials will crash the demand for them.

If you don’t have that, you’re better off just saving up by completing those various tasks above. It’s still unclear how many Nanites you can get from the new Derelict Freighters which we talk a bit about below.

This is, of course, part of the new Desolation update for No Man’s Sky. It comes alongside new content like Derelict Freighters in which you explore procedurally generated, hazard filled abandoned freighters. Along the way you’ll encounter alien infestations and new unshackled security AI units. There are also new custom titles and quality of life improvements to freighter storage and player teleportation. For a full look at the patch notes, head on over to our news post.