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On Snacktooth island – home of Bugsnax – there are all kinds of creatures that you can hang out with, catch, and eat. Some of them, like the adorable Strabby, live on the ground. They scurry around and are pretty easy to catch using your Snack Trap. As you move deeper int the game, though, you’ll find that some of the Bugsnax do most of their living up in the air and you might be like me – unbelievably confused about how to get them into your pockets so you can progress in the game. This guide is going to show you how to catch flying Bugsnax like the Cheepoof.

Necessary Tools – How to Catch Flying Bugsnax

When you enter the Scorched Gorge, you’ll meet Cromdo, who will gift you a launchpad device. There is no other way to obtain the launchpad, so you’ll need to wait until you reach this area. Since you can visit this area pretty early on, I recommend heading here to grab this launchpad once you have access. This will make your journey easier since you won’t need to worry about not having the right gear to capture fly snax. You’ll also need the Snack Trap, which you should have received at the beginning of the game. Pairing these two items is how we’re going to catch a flying Bugsnak.

Catching A Flying Bugsnax – How to Catch Flying Bugsnax

Once you identify the flying snak that you want to catch, toss your launchpad down on the ground underneath the creature. Then, switch to your Snack Trap. Using L2/LT, aim the launch pad at the Bugsnak. You’ll be able to lock on using the yellow arc guide, which will turn blue once you’ve locked on. Hit R2/RT to send the trap flying through the air, and then R2/RT again once the net around the trap turns blue.

The trap will fall to the ground with your newly captured Bugsnak in it, so just head to where it lands and press Square/X to pick it up. This is the only way to catch flying snax, so don’t worry about catching any of these airborne critters until you earn the launchpad. Since Bugsnax has some Metroidvania elements, you will find yourself backtracking to previously visited locations. Just make a mental note of where you’ve found a flying snak, that way when you’re tasked with hunting it down you’ll know where to go. Additionally, always make sure to snap a picture of the flying snak so you can get an idea of its movement patterns, likes, dislikes, and mood. This isn’t essential, but it can make capturing one much easier down the road.

And that’s how you catch a flying creature in Bugsnax! Hopefully, this helps you get settled into your new life on Snacktooth Island! Check back throughout the day to see what’s new here on Fanbyte. If you want to check out a review of the game, we have one on the site! We also have a podcast network, with great shows like Spawn on Me with Kahlief Adams, The K-Hole, and Fanwidth: The Fanbyte Podcast.


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