How to Bypass Crypt Security in Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally here after months and months of waiting. Acting as the next major chapter in this FPS/RPG hybrid, players will embark on a journey to Europa to battle against a Fallen leader called Eramis and learn more about the true nature of the Darkness. This expansion includes new characters, missions, endgame activities, weapons, exotics, and enemy types. The biggest draw is, of course, is the new Deep Stone Crypt raid on Europa. Perhaps the second-best raid in Destiny 2, this activity will challenge you with unique puzzles, boss fights, and environmental hazards. Your first major challenge, assuming you survived the frigid cold of the Sparrow race, will be to deactivate the Crypt’s Security. This is a puzzle encounter that can be confusing at first glance but is actually pretty simple.

How to Beat Crypt Security

The Basics

To start, you will want to bring in any mob clearing Supers and weapons with you. There is no “boss,” however, you will have Overload Champions and yellow bar Fallen Captains with void shields. You will want to prepare for these enemies, as they are the biggest threats in the encounter. You will also need to damage the central fuses in the room until they are destroyed. My team found that Xenophage absolutely decimates these fuses, but you can also use shotguns or sniper rifles.

The encounter space is broken up into three distinct areas: tube side, server side, and the underground. Players also call these sections dark side (server) and light side (tube), so don’t be surprised if you hear those used as well. Down the middle is a divider that splits the room with a large cylinder in the middle that has three fuses displayed behind glass on either side. Additionally, there is a door in the front and back, with the latter leading to the basement. Against the divider wall, you will also find two machines that are glowing yellow and will be used to pass buffs throughout the encounter. Finally, the top floors have several pillars resting on glass floors that allow you to see below to the basement.

Above is a map created by Twitter user Nox_Aeterno that shows the layout of this encounter. The yellow rectangles are panels that someone in the basement will need to shoot while the green boxes are the glass floors. I recommend spending some time familiarizing yourself with both the glass floor and basement panels positions before beginning the activity. Just keep this map in the back of your mind for now, since you’ll need to have at least three people master the layout of this encounter space.

The Buffs

There are two unique buffs in the Crypt Security raid. The first is the Operator, which is acquired by picking it up at one of the terminal consoles on either the dark or light side. With the Operator buff, you can shoot the glowing panels on the wall to either open doors or help lower the glass around the six fuses. This buff can be passed to another player by putting it into a terminal and then taken out of a terminal by another player. It does not have to be the same terminal.

The other buff is colored yellow and called Scanner. With this buff, the Scanner can look through the glass floors at the various panels in the basement. Their job is to identify which of the ten panels in the basement are glowing yellow, so the Operator shoots the correct one. Just like the Operator buff, this can be deposited into the terminals and picked up by another player. You get this buff on the dark side of the room from an enemy Vandal that has a bright yellow symbol over its head.

The Encounter

When the encounter starts, send three people to the dark side and designate one as the Scanner. The other three should stay on the light side, with one designated as the Operator. The person who grabs the Operator should head to the back of the room, shoot the panel next to the door, and then blast the panel beside the door to their right. This will open up the staircase to the basement where they should head downstairs. At the same time, the team on the dark side should focus on killing the enemies — specifically the one with the Scanner buff. Once the dark side team obtains the Scanner buff, you will need to quickly look through the glass floor at the five spots on their side to find any panels that are glowing yellow.

The Scanner then tells the Operator which of the panels to shoot. The above map shows what numbers are commonly associated with each panel, making your callouts much easier. There will always be two panels on each side glowing yellow. After the Operator is told which of the two panels they need to shoot, the Scanner should place their buff in their terminal. If the terminal isn’t working, that means there is a Servitor alive, which disables the terminals until they are dead. Now that the buff is in the terminal, someone on the light side should grab the Scanner buff and repeat the same process.

This means there are a total of four glowing yellow panels shot by the Operator in the basement. Time is essential because if you stay too long downstairs the floor will catch fire and that person will die. After all four of the panels are destroyed, the Operator should place their buff in the basement terminal by the door. Have someone on dark side take this buff. Now, have the Scanner place their buff in the terminal, which the former Operator will grab in the basement. By now, the glass around the six fuses will be lowered, but do not start shooting them. The person in the basement can look up above their terminal and see which of the six fuses is glowing yellow. That’s the one your team needs to destroy.

Once you destroy the designated fuse, a new one will appear yellow, so guide your team to that one. Keep this up until either all the fuses are destroyed or the damage phase ends. When it ends, have the person with the Operator buff switch roles with the person holding the Scanner buff. This means the Operator will need to come open up the doors so the Scanner can go help the dark side team. While all this is going on the other three players should focus on clearing mobs from their respective sides, prioritizing the Servitors, and protecting the Scanner as they check for glowing panels.

Continue this loop until all six fuses are destroyed to complete the encounter.


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