How Evolve Applin Into Flapple & Appletun – Pokemon Sword and Shield Tart Apple / Sweet Apple Locations

The most important part of any new Pokemon game is, well, the Pokemon themselves, and Pokémon Sword and Shield is no exception. There are 400 pocket monsters to collect in the Galar region, each with different combinations of types, move sets, IVs, and EVs. It’s a creature’s design that will endear it to the public the most, however. Sword and Shield boast several standout Pokemon designs, and many are exclusive to one game or the other. One of the new monsters is called Applin, an apple-shaped creature with two different evolution forms. In this guide, we’ll explain where to catch Applin and how to evolve it into either Flapple or Appletun.

Where to Catch Applin

There are two places in Galar where you can catch Applin in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can either head to the Wild Area just south of Motostoke or search along Route 5, which connects the towns Turffield and Hulbury. There are some special conditions that must be met when searching for an Applin, though. We’ve detailed them below:

Wild Area

The expansive Wild Area is where you can catch a ton of different Pokemon. Many only hang out in specific regions of the Wild Area or require certain weather conditions to find. For Applin, there are three different areas you’ll want to explore:

  • The Stony Wilderness
  • The Giant’s Mirror
  • The Dusty Bowl

Applin will appear in both the Stony Wilderness and the Giant’s Mirror during thunderstorm weather, and in the Dusty Bowl area during sunny weather. For the most part, weather in the Wild Area is random, but you can gain a bit of control by changing the clock and date setting in the Nintendo Switch system settings.

Route 5

Because the Wild Area is teeming with strong Pokemon, you’re likely to be far too underleveled to explore the areas where Applin can be found when you first get there. Because of this, Route 5 is probably the earliest you’ll encounter one.

To catch an Applin on Route 5, you won’t have to wait for any specific weather conditions as it will appear randomly at all times. There is a trick to finding one, though: Applin will only appear in surprise encounters only. That is to say, you won’t see an Applin wandering tall grass outside of battle. You’ll need to find an exclamation mark in the tall grass and approach to initiate battle. Applin are rather rare spawns on Route 5, so it may take several attempts.

How to Evolve Applin

Once you’ve captured your Applin, evolving it requires more than simply leveling it up through battle. You’ll need a specific item to trigger an evolution, and the form it takes differs based on the version of the game you’re playing:

  • In Pokemon Sword, Applin evolves into Flapple
  • In Pokemon Shield, Applin evolves into Appletun

It’ll be a while before you can evolve Applin, though, because the item you need to evolve it can’t be found until you reach Hammerlocke. There’s a boy near the town’s exit toward Route 6 who asks you for an Applin. If you give him one, he’ll offer an item in exchange.

  • Pokemon Sword: Tart Apple
  • Pokemon Shield: Sweet Apple

You can also find your version’s item in the Wild Area after you’ve upgraded your Rotom Bike with the ability to travel on water. Travel to the Axew’s Eye section and you can pick up the Sweet or Tart Apple under a tree there.  Axew’s Eye is a small island between the entrance to Motostoke and the Meetup Spot train station.

Using the item on your Applin will cause it to evolve into your version’s exclusive form! To get the opposite version you’ll either need to get the Pokemon itself in a trade or a Pokemon that’s holding the other apple. What evolution did you get? Let us know in the comments below!


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