Hotshot Racing Tips — 5 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Hotshot Racing is the new arcade racer from Sumo Digital, developers of the Sonic All-Stars racing titles. You won’t find any cartoon hedgehogs or transforming cars in this game, though, just high-speed racing of the kind made famous back in the 90s by games like Daytona USA. Players used to Mario Kart and Sumo’s Sonic games might have some trouble making the adjustment, so here are some tips to help you cross the finish line.

1. Get a Starting Line Boost

You can boost off the starting line in Hotshot Racing just like in many other arcade racers. The trick is to disregard the countdown and instead focus on your rev meter in the bottom right of the screen. You want to get it up to the yellow portion of the bar then tap the accelerator to keep it there once the race begins. Gun the accelerator too hard and you’ll start with a sputter, losing precious time.

2. Understanding Drifting

Drifting in Hotshot Racing works a little differently than in most kart racers. Firstly, drifting doesn’t give you a boost in itself. Instead, it builds up your boost meter, and every filled block represents a boost that can be manually activated using the boost button. Drifting is also a little more finicky than in other games — you can’t just hold the drift button and swing around corners. Instead, you’ll have to get used to tapping the button to initiate a drift, navigating the corner, then getting your wheels straight to end it. Turn too hard or overcorrect and you’ll spin out, hitting a wall and losing any built-up boost energy the drift would have earned you.

Hotshot Racing

3. Save Your Boosts

Once you’ve racked up boosts from drifting, be sure to use them strategically. Hotshot Racing does have rubberbanding AI, meaning that it’s hard to get too far ahead of the pack. With that in mind, you should make sure to have at least one boost in the tank for the very end of the race. When the finish line is in sight, fire it off to blast ahead, which will put you ahead of the CPU racers more often than not.

4. Watch Out for Collisions

Collisions with other cars in Hotshot Racing can be devastating. While your car can’t be destroyed, a couple of strong hits can spin you right round, leaving you facing the wrong way and forcing you to waste time reversing and getting back in the race. That said, hitting another car while drifting won’t cause you to lose the drift bonus, unlike hitting a wall.

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Hotshot Racing

5. Slipstreaming Rules

Drifting is one source of boost energy in Hotshot Racing, but it’s not the only one. Following closely behind another car will grant you energy as you slipstream behind them — and if you can stay on them for a few seconds, you’ll get a huge boost that will catapult you forward. Slipstreaming is a major part of Hotshot Racing, and since the CPU racers certainly make the most of it, you should too.


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