Hitman 3 The Stowaway Guide – How to Earn a Silent Assassin Rating

Another Elusive Target has popped up in Hitman 3. Originally released during Hitman 2, The Stowaway is located in the Ark Society Gathering. This target may seem difficult at first given the high-level of security, but he’s actually relatively easy to eliminate. Here’s a breakdown of how to bring down this Elusive Target and earn yourself that coveted Silent Assassin rating. Plus, you’ll earn a new suit if you’ve never earned a Silent Assassin ranking on this level!

(Author’s Note: I will be going under the assumption that you have no unlocks or additional gear beyond the base equipment for this level.)

How Eliminate The Stowaway Elusive Target

From the docks, make your way up main path past the guards until you go through the gate to the main party. While you’re facing the bar, head left up the hill towards the second large gathering of people and work your way to the back left corner near the small courtyard with the tall grass. Go around the wall to the small area with a large crate, wrench, and rackcase which you can turn on. Do not interact it with or try to lure a guard in this area. There are too many NPCs, which means there’s a high chance they’ll hear you incapacitate someone.

Instead, from the rackcase, go left into the ruins and use a coin to lure one of the two guards into this more isolated area. Knock one out, change into their clothes, and make your way up the staircase where the people are lounging. Keep to the left to avoid the camera and enter the door to the left.

Make another left to enter the large gallery where a bunch of guards, waiters, guests, and Jimmy Chen are residing.

When you arrive, Chen should be in the back left corner, but he can wander around the gallery. What you need to do is keep following him, but maintain a good distance. You need Chen to do something suspicious such as take a photo of an artifact. He will only do this is 47 is a few meters away and has his back turned. You’ll know he’s done something suspicious because Diana will comment on it. Now you have the option to talk to Chen. Speak with him to make this target to move to another location. Here’s where things get tricky because Chen can go either to the storage room upstairs or the bathroom.


Congratulations, you got the easier of the two locations. When Chen enters the bathroom, throw a coin over his shoulder (while you’re standing behind him) to make this target go a bit deeper into the room. Now just kill him, grab his phone, and leave. There’s no way to hide the body, but none of the NPC patrols go into this bathroom so you should be fine.

Upstairs Storage Room

If Chen decides to go upstairs, you will need to follow him through the guard infested hallways. Keep about 4-5 meters away from him, because if Chen sees you he will stop moving. Additionally, there’s one patrol of guards that can see through your disguise, so always keep a look out for them. Once Chen makes his way to the closet, close the door behind him and eliminate him. I went with just breaking his neck to ensure none of the patrolling guards heard me. Now drag his body to either the balcony outside (if you have a Lockpick) or by the door. Make sure to grab his phone on the way out. I recommend changing out the guard uniform before you leave, mainly because two of the soldiers by the docks can see through your disguise.

If you followed this guide, weren’t caught on any cameras, and silently eliminated your target you should earn a Silent Assassin rating like I did.


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