Hitman 3 Tactical Turtleneck Guide – How to Get This New Outfit

A new update for Hitman 3 launched earlier today that mainly focused on fixing various bugs and issues players were having. While owners of the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack gained access to a new Escalation Mission and gear, those who purchased the base game can also seek out a new “suit” for Agent 47. Called the Tactical Turtleneck, this stylish blacktop can be acquired by anyone who owns Hitman 3 and has Hitman 1’s maps installed. You’ll need the latter because this skin is tied to the first map players could ever explore, the ICA Facility. Here’s how to earn the Tactical Turtleneckso you can keep Agent 47 nice and warm while he strangles people.

How to Get the Tactical Turtleneck

To get the Tactical Turtleneck, you will need to complete The Final Test mission in the ICA Facility. This is the mission set in the fake military installation, where you’re tasked with killing Jasper Knight. The method of assassination and the quality of your run is irrelevant. So don’t worry about needing to go Suit Only or Silent Assassin. As long as you complete the mission, you will earn this new outfit for Agent 47. Remember, this is tied to the Prologue, so make sure to select that in the mission options to access this menu.

Keep in mind, you will not be able to bring any pieces of gear into this mission. Instead, Diana will actually guide you through the majority of this level. The Final Test really holds your hand — especially in the beginning where it forces you to eavesdrop and gain very specific outfits. You’ll then be walked through a Mission Story where you need to get a maintenance outfit and then enabled a jet’s ejection seat. All of this is extremely easy, even if you’re not the best hitman to ever hit a man.

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Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the Tactical Turtleneck. This can be used on any level and will count as a suit if you’re trying to avoid changing outfits during a mission. It offers no special bonuses or benefits outside of looking stylish. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, I recommend the two new Escalation Missions if they’re available in your version of Hitman 3. Keep in mind, The Proloff Parable will spoil the final location of Hitman 3. If you haven’t beaten this game yet, I strongly suggest you wait to complete this level normally before attempting this Escalation Mission. Alternatively, The Gauchito Antiquity is a little easier and it awards some useful gear like the Emetic Grenade!


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