Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Tips – 5 Tips For Always Getting 5 Stars

Hitman 3 is almost upon us, so dust off your suit and grab a fistful of coins because it’s time to hunt a new collection of targets. Similar to Hitman 2, players can play the entire trilogy in Hitman 3 along with carrying over your progression. Just like previous installments, players are awarded a rating at the end of each mission depending on their overall score. This info determines not only how much experience you’ll receive towards that level’s mastery, but if you are given the coveted Silent Assassin moniker. But getting this is easier said than done, so here are five tips for all those looking to perfect Hitman 3’s missions.

Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Requirements

  • Only kill your targets
  • Never get spotted
  • No bodies discovered by NPCs
    • Poisoning and accidental deaths can be found
  • Don’t get caught on camera.
    • If you are caught, you have to destroy the security camera recordings

Silent Assassin Tips

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1. Prep Before the Kill

Whenever you load up into a level, your first job shouldn’t be to outright kill your targets but eliminate variables that could detect you. The most important one is killing all the camera feeds in the mission, which can be done a few different ways depending on the level. Your first option is to infiltrate the security and sabotage the large harddrive stash of cameras. This will look like a black rectangle with devices sticking out of the top. Keep in mind, doing this is a suspicious activity so throw an object to distract guards while you disable the cameras.

Another method is to simply shoot the cameras with a silenced weapon. It’s a little less elegant, but unless an enemy sees you shoot out the camera this action will typically go unnoticed. That doesn’t mean you should stand right behind a guard and blast the camera, they will still hear you. Just make sure you’re a few meters away before popping a single pistol shot into this troublesome surveillance tool.

Additionally, you will want to secure any cards or keys needed beforehand. This will obviously change based on what level you’re on, but it’s important to have access to as much of the world as possible. For example, in Dubai, the second floor Security Room not only has the Security Key but the Penthouse Keycard, both of which give you access to almost the entire structure. Always consider what tasks need to be done before you actually attempt the kill.

2. Tools of the Trade

In Hitman 3 you are limited to bringing in two items, a firearm, and one smuggled piece of gear of your choice. There are a lot of options to pick from and I absolutely encourage experimenting – especially when going for challenges. However, if you solely want Silent Assasin then the Lockpick Mk III and Coins are your two items of choice. The former will open almost any door not requiring a code or keycard while the latter is basically the most broken item in the entire game. A.I. in Hitman is notoriously easy to trick, so use coins to isolate targets or others you want to knockout to steal their clothes. It’s also terrific since you’ll get the coin back if you incapacitate the person who picked it up!

As for your firearm, I always like bringing in a silenced pistol to deal with cameras, but a strong argument can be made for the new Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer. This pistol fires two tranq darts that can put any person to sleep when they are hit. It only holds two shots, but this can make your job much easier for taking down multiple people at once. For your smuggled in item, both the Lethal Poison Vial and Emetic Poison Vial are great choices. NPCs drink, a lot, so you can abuse this to kill a target or make someone isolate themselves in a bathroom for an easy kill.

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3. Don’t Take Risks

One of the easiest ways to lose your Silent Assassin rating is to be spotted by someone when you’re doing some illegal. There are a lot of NPCs, many of them are nosy and have a decent field of view. Because of this, you’ll want to get used to throwing objects like tools, coins, or soda cans to distract NPCs. Never go for a kill in a crowd or when there are more than a couple of guards lingering about. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that there’s a quick place you can dispose of any bodies, since leaving them out in the open instantly forfeits your Silent Assassin title.

Always make sure the “Body Hidden” prompt appears when you stash a corpse, as this confirms that NPCs won’t stumble across it. The only exception to this rule is if you put someone in tall grass or a bush, then you just need to ensure someone doesn’t get within a foot of it. Personally, I like to always plan where I am going to store someone and study enemy patrols to ensure that no one will catch me knocking out a poor guard.

4. Not all Mission Stories Are Created Equal

In the Hitman trilogy, Mission Stories are mini-quests within a level that almost always end with you either killing a target or setting them up for a kill. A lot of these are quite elaborate and can make for some easy Silent Assassinations. That being said, there are a small handful that can leave you either compromised or killing someone you weren’t supposed to. This can tank your Silent Assassination rating, so always do Mission Stories you are familiar with first. If you’re on Professional difficulty, these stories will be disabled entirely, so don’t rely on them if you’re looking for a greater challenge. Targets still present enough opportunities to kill them safely without the game serving them up on a silver platter.

5. Poison and Accidents

Speaking of killing targets safely, get really used to performing either poison or accident assassinations. It’s easy to spike someone’s drink with rat poison or another toxin, just make sure to watch your target’s patrol so you know when they actually take a sip. If you’re going this route, you’ll usually need a bartender, chef, or some sort of staff outfit so the act itself isn’t seen as suspicious. If you haven’t unlocked the Lethal Poison Vial, then look around for Rat Poison. This item will cause your target to go to a restroom and begin throwing up. Guards will almost never follow that person into the bathroom, giving you a free opening to kill and hide their body. Just make sure there’s a place to dispose of the corpse otherwise you won’t get the Silent Assassin rating!

As for accidents, these are typically a little more elaborate but are consistent ways to kill someone. The three tools you’ll almost always need are a screwdriver, crowbar, and wrench. If you plan to kill via an accident, seek these items out first and then study the path your target takes. Look for any places you can cause an accident such as dropping a lighting fixture on them or electrocuting via shocking water they step on. I always recommend saving before executing the attack, since some accidents are pretty large and can potentially kill other NPCs.


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