Hitman 3 Save Transfer Guide – How To Carry Over Your Hitman 2 Saves

Hitman 3 is almost upon us, so dust off your suit and grab a fistful of coins because it’s time to hunt a new collection of targets. Similar to Hitman 2, players can play the entire trilogy in Hitman 3 along with carrying over your progression. However, this is a little confusing at first glance, especially if you’ve played across multiple consoles. Not a lot is made clear of how you are able to play Hitman 1 & 2 if you are just booting up the game without seeing IOI Interactive’s blog post.

Update 1

Currently, the PC version of Hitman 3 is having an issue importing the maps and saves from Hitman 1 & 2. IOI confirms you will not need to rebuy the games and are working with their partners on a solution. How long that takes is still unknown. All you can do now as a PC player is wait.

Original Guide

Because of this, we will be breaking down this guide into two distinct sections:

  • How to play all three games
  • How to transfer your saves over

Keep in mind, the website for actually carrying over progression is not live at the time of writing this. With the game coming out on Wednesday, I suspect it will launch the night before. You can link your accounts and prepare, saving you some time when you log into Hitman 3.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Play Hitman 1&2 in Hitman 3

So to play the previous Hitman games in Hitman 3 you need to own Hitman 2 and the Legacy Pack DLC for this game. For the unfamiliar, the latter is the original Hitman’s map but updated for Hitman 2. For those that only own Hitman 1, you’ll need to first import all that data into Hitman 2. IOI Interactive has a helpful breakdown of how to do this. Alternatively, if you purchased (or own) the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 then you’ll have access to both game’s levels in Hitman 3. You will need to own the Hitman 2 Expansions if you want those additional levels.

If you’re on PS4 and moved to PS5 or Xbox One and moved to Xbox Series X, then you’ll need to download the Hitman 2 Access Pass DLC in Hitman 3 to unlock the levels. I have heard reports of the Xbox version just automatically checking your profile and updating, so make sure to check for the old levels when you boot up Hitman 3. So long as you previously owned the games you will not need to repurchase them unless you are changing platforms. If you owned Hitman 2 on Xbox One and bought Hitman 3 on PC, your saves and the levels will not carry over. Progression and unlocks are tied to specific console ecosystems.

If you don’t own the items above they can be accessed and purchased via the Hitman 3 storefront.

How to Transfer Your Saves From Hitman 1&2 to Hitman 3

As for transferring your saves, you’ll want to first log onto IOI Interactives website and create a profile there. This can be done by clicking IOI Account in the top right corner. Once you make a profile, go back to the login screen and select which of the systems listed below to sign in with. You will have the option to pick, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Epic Games, and Steam. Keep in mind, you can only transfer saves within a platform’s ecosystem so PlayStation players cannot move their saves to PC at the time of writing this.

So if you played Hitman 2 on Steam like me, you will sign into IOI’s website via your Steam account which will link it to the email registered with your account. Then you’ll want to link your Epic Games account since that’s where Hitman 3 is available on PC. Once both are linked, you will be given the option to transfer your progression when you log onto Hitman 3 for the first time. Select yes, and it will take you to a website to do this.

Herre’s what is transferred over:

  • Player Profile
  • XP Rank
  • Location Mastery
  • Location Mastery Unlocks
  • Challenge Progress
  • Challenge Unlocks
  • Elusive Target Suits/Unlocks

Remember, transferring your saves will wipe any progress made in Hitman 3, so do not put this off when you log on.


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