Hitman 3 Multiplayer Guide – How Do Contracts Work in Hitman 3?

Hitman 3 is almost upon us, so dust off your suit and grab a fistful of coins because it’s time to hunt a new collection of targets. Similar to Hitman 2, players can play the entire trilogy in Hitman 3 along with carrying over your progression.  Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of creative ways you can take down your targets, many of which will make use of the various tools, weapons, and gadgets at Agent 47’s disposal. But being an assassin can get a little lonely, thankfully there’s a pseudo multiplayer mode called Contracts to keep you playing well beyond the credits.

Here’s how multiplayer works in Hitman 3:

Hitman 3 Multiplayer Contracts

Does Hitman 3 Have Multiplayer?

Yes and no.

There are no modes in Hitman 3 that allow you to play directly with other people. This is still very much a solo experience despite the Sniper Assassin mode being imported over from Hitman 2. In that mode, you used to have up to two people working together. This changed in Hitman 3, as the mode can only be played solo. Sniper Assassin is more or less a puzzle shooting gallery set in the Hitman universe. You won’t be exploring any of the vast levels offered in any of the games with a buddy — that aspect still remains completely tied off from any multiplayer outside of leaderboards.

However, Hitman 3 does have a mode called Contracts, which allows players in the community to drop in to any of the maps from the trilogy and make their own assassination contract. You are able to both play and create contracts, with the best ones getting featured on the Hitman 3 homepage by IOI Interactive. These are often far more challenging than any of the missions, as you’ll be trying to replicate what other proficient players have done. This gives Hitman 3 a lot of replayability, as you can constantly test yourself and see what new contracts the community has thrown together.

More Hitman 3:

If you want to make or just look for specific contracts, just go to the Main Menu, select the Game Modes tab, and then pick Contracts. This will bring you to a screen where you can browse contracts, look up specific ones, or even make your own. The latter is something I strongly recommend, as it’s a great way to measure your individual skill compared to others. See, when you’re making a Contract the game will ask you to mark up to five targets and then kill them in whatever way you see fit. There are some restrictions, but nothing that should really hinder you from executing the perfect kill. Once you’ve completed your contract, you can upload it and share it with the world.

Alternatively, if that sounds like too much work you can just focus on cracking the top spots on the leaderboards. Every campaign and Escalation mission has a leaderboard for each of the difficulty settings. Your ranking is based on your final score which includes a variety of factors such as body’s hidden, not being recorded, and never being spotted. However, the biggest factor is how fast you complete the mission so if you want the top spot you’ll not only need to be efficient but speedy.


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