Hitman 3 How the Turntables Guide – How to Kill Montgomery & Banner

Hitman 3 is almost upon us, so dust off your suit and grab a fistful of coins because it’s time to hunt a new collection of targets. Similar to Hitman 2, players can play the entire trilogy in Hitman 3 along with carrying over your progression.  Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of creative ways you can take down your targets. While you can simply shoot them in the head, Hitman 3 has some devious methods of execution for those willing to take the time to prep. One of these is in Berlin and is tied to the How the Turntables assassination challenge. The description states you’ll need to kill both Agent Montgomery and Banner during the climax of the light show. This is fairly cryptic given you can’t do much when you’re DJing.

Here’s how to complete this challenge and get two easy kills:

How the Turntables Challenge

When the mission starts, make your way inside of the nightclub and head towards floor 0. It’s a bit tricky to find, so I recommend spawning at the Projection Bar. From there, you can literally go behind the bar, use a lockpick to open the door, and reach the light fixture catwalk. You’ll be trespassing, so the first thing you’ll want is a maintenance staff disguise. Interact with the fusebox to call a worker over, knock them out, and stuff their bodies into the crate behind you. Repeat this process for the second worker guarding the control panel. Alternatively, you can just use the all-powerful coin to pull them away. Conveniently, when you incapacitate the worker you’ll get the screwdriver that you’ll need.

Now that you have both the workers out of the way, use the screwdriver to short-circuit the lighting tress. Agent Banner will literally not move from this catwalk, but you’ll want to take out Montgomery’s bodyguard so you don’t kill an innocent. This can be done a number of different ways, so just tail Montgomery until you find a place you can isolate his guard and hide them. After this is done, head down to the dance floor and run along the walkway to the side.

Enter the backroom behind the DJ booth and interact with the rack case to draw the DJ away. Incapacitate him and steal his outfit before heading inside the DJ booth. Dismiss the DJ and take over. You will now be given the option to leave, begin hyping up the crowd, and triggering the light show climax. Wait until you see both of the agents on the walkway before you begin hyping up the crowd. The moment you see the ability to trigger the light show while they’re on the catwalk do it. This will electrocute both men and instantly kill them, causing an accidental death.

This will complete the How the Turntables challenge, letting you instantly wipe out two of the five needed agents for this mission. Remember, if you want the Silent Assassin title you absolutely need to get rid of Montgomery’s bodyguard because he will not leave the catwalk. Keeping him there will deduct points from your final score, which is never good for the world’s best assassin!


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