Hitman 3 Best Gear Guide – What are the Best Tools For Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 is almost upon us, so dust off your suit and grab a fistful of coins because it’s time to hunt a new collection of targets. Similar to Hitman 2, players can play the entire trilogy in Hitman 3 along with carrying over your progression.  Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of creative ways you can take down your targets, many of which will make use of the various tools, weapons, and gadgets at Agent 47’s disposal. But not every tool is created equal, especially with how varied the levels are in Hitman 3. So if you’re going for the Silent Assassin title, here are the gadgets you’ll want to bring with you.

Best Gear in Hitman 3


I am including the coin, despite being utterly broken, since it’s just the best piece of gear in the entire game. Not only do you get three of them, but it can distract enemies and draw them away. It’s a seriously overpowered tool that any Hitman player worth their salt knows how to abuse. Because of this, I won’t be including it in the other entries because there’s never a reason to not use it

Lethal Poison Vial

Poison has always been an effective tool for silently eliminating your target without any witnesses. So long as no one sees you spike your target’s drink, you can easily kill someone without having to worry about disposing of the body. This tool will just take a bit of prep since you’ll need to see which bottles, glasses, pieces of food someone consumes before tampering with it. I always suggest hunting out a bartender, chef, or staff outfit since these typically won’t make Agent 47 appear suspicious when he dumps a vial of poison into someone’s glass.

Lockpick Mk III

There are a lot of doors you can’t just open in Hitman 3, which makes the Lockpick one of the best tools in the game. Outside of keycard and coded locks, this handy tool can help you get into any closed room. It has unlimited uses and only takes a few seconds to actually break into a locked room. This makes an efficient tool in any level, especially if you don’t know where all the keys are located.

Electronic Key Hacker Mk III

While not as useful as the Lockpick, the Electronic Key Hacker Mk III is great for specific levels with high security like Chongquing or Dubai. This is definitely a specialist tool, so if you’re not confident about getting a specific keycard this is a great item to bring with you. That being said, it only has three uses, which can be tricky unless you understand the map’s layout and where the main security checkpoints are.

Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Tips

ICA Pen Syringe Emetic

Having trouble isolating someone so you can steal their outfit? Is your target not eating any food that you’ve poisoned? Enter the ICA Pen Syringe, which comes in both Lethal and Emetic variants. Personally, I prefer the latter, as I will often have a harder time trying to single out some random guard than my target who often presents more opportunities for an easy kill. This pen is quick and will instantly make the afflicted enemy sick and seek out a place to throw up. Given storage crates and lockers are always near bathrooms, you can conveniently take someone down and take their outfit without any hassle.

Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer

A new type of weapon in this series, the Kalmer is a firearm that only has two rounds. The catch is, these are non-lethal sleep darts that can quickly put someone to sleep. Unless you plan on shooting out cameras, there’s not really a reason to use a pistol. Instead, the Kalmer offers a great method for knocking someone out, without risking an NPC catching you as you’re strangling someone. It also opens unique opportunities, allowing you to incapacitated two people at one time if you time your shot right and grab someone from behind.

Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert

The best sniper rifle in all of Hitman 3, the Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert is a highly accurate, silenced rifle that has multiple zooms and can penetrate walls. This makes it wildly versatile and useful in nearly every level where you can snipe your targets. While the bullet drop and delay still exists, this gun is very forgiving and easy to handle. If you prefer to deal death at a distance, this is a must-have weapon.


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