Hitman 3 A New Father Guide – How to Unlock the Secret Ending

The final entry in the new Hitman trilogy has finally arrived, so it’s time to dawn Agent 47’s suit one last time. Similar to previous entries, Hitman 3 will take players on a globe-spanning adventure to murder all types of dastardly deviants. Once you’ve exhausted all of the Mission Stories, players will be encouraged to complete challenges in each level. Tying all this together is the story of Agent 47’s personal war against the shadow group known as Providence. While many will definitely skip over the plot, those wanting to see everything Hitman 3 has to offer will want to see the secret ending. Tied to a challenge called A New Father, all information about this challenge is redacted, but thankfully it’s pretty easy to complete.

(Warning Major Spoilers Below!)

How to Get the A New Father Secret Ending

Before we get into what the Secret Ending is, let’s go over how to unlock it. In the Carpathian Mountains level, make your way through the entire train until you get to the meeting room where Arthur Edwards is waiting. You’ll have a brief discussion with him, where he offers to wipe Agent 47’s mind. What most players will do is stab him with the syringe or simply shoot Edwards in the back of the head. However, if you feel that Edwards makes a compelling argument, pick up the syringe and wait until you are told to use this memory altering serum.

This will cause Agent 47 to pick up the syringe and jab it into his neck. Doing so will wipe his memory and he will awaken in a padded cell having no recollection of what just happened. For the Hitman faithful, this will be an obvious nod to the original game. See, in the very first Hitman, the game begins with Agent 47 waking up in a very similar room. While he’s not wearing a hospital gown in Hitman 3, this is clearly an homage to him starting the cycle of emotionless murder.

The method also seems to be a small nod to the Far Cry series, which notoriously lets players unlock secret endings by just standing around. We’ve seen this in multiple installments and the franchise has definitely made this a fun extra that continues to appear.

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That being said, I seriously doubt that this is the canon ending for the franchise. Given Hitman 3’s main ending is Agent 47 and Diana agreeing to work together once again, this is clearly setting up why there will (most likely) be additional maps released. If you’re looking for more Hitman 3 content, make sure to read our piece on the FOMO (fear of missing out) and its implementation into this game’s expansive maps. I also take a deeper look into the wonderfully crafted Dartmoor Estate mission and what makes it so special.


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