Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt Calendar Guide – Roadmap, Event Dates

A wealth of new information released today alongside a ViDoc for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, Beyond Light. Set on Europa, players will venture out to this icy moon, confronting a new Fallen faction, and finally getting a chance to wield the Darkness. Destined to be the next major chapter both mechanically and narratively, Beyond Light has a lot going for it. Along with various story details, developer Bungie released a roadmap for the next season, Season of the Hunt. Set to launch a few days after the new expansion on November 17th, Season of the Hunt has player investigating Oryx’s sister Xivu Arath.

If you are looking to dive into Destiny 2 Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt, here is the calender for a bunch of the major events.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Roadmap

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Calender

Before we get into what’s listed, keep in mind that Bungie doesn’t show everything that’s going to happen on their roadmaps. There will most likely be additional quests, exotics, and possibly even endgame content that hasn’t been revealed yet. Additionally, Bungie also confirmed that all of the gear from Season of the Hunt will remain throughout Year 4. This is an attempt to alleviate any FOMO (fear of missing out) that players suffered during Year 3 when gear was far more exclusive.

  • November 10
    • Beyond Light launches
    • Seasonal Artifact and Season Pass unlocks
    • Empire Hunts launch
    • The Glassway Strike releases
  • November 10 – January 12
    • Uncover Europa’s secrets
  • November 13
    • Adept Weapons added to Trials of Osiris
  • November 17
    • Season of the Hunt missions begin
    • Wrathborn Hunts begin
  • November 21
    • Deep Stone Crypt raid releases
  • December 8
    • Iron Banner
  • December 12 – January 5
    • The Dawning holiday event

Whew, that’s a hefty amount of content. It should be noted, while the actual Season of the Hunt missions and seasonal activity don’t launch until November 17th, players will have access to the artifact and season pass. Shadowkeep followed a similar pattern, with the non-expansion content dropping later on to ensure that players have a chance to get through Beyond Light first. Without spoiling anything major, Season of the Hunt will bring back key characters that took a back seat during Year 3 along with pushing a key villain we haven’t had a chance to learn much about.

As for Beyond Light, Guardians will find a wealth of new content including story missions, patrol zones, gear, abilities, and activities. The highly anticipated raid will take place in the fabled Deep Stone Crypt while PVP players have Adept Weapons and Adept Mods to chase. Curiously, there has been no real discussion about Gambit or the alternations Bungie is making. Additionally, the mention of a strike releasing leads me to believe that we may have one launch upon the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt. Even though we know there will be one tied to the returning Cosmodrone, only one strike on Europa feels odd — especially given how big this moon is going to be. With Destiny 2 still reeling from a rather underwhelming Year 3, it will be intriguing to see if Bungie can stick the landing with their latest expansion.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light launches on November 10 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.