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Here Are Some of the Best Fortnite Island Codes Available

Fortnite remains one of the gaming’s most popular multiplayer titles, thanks to its intense player-vs-player battle royale mode. But there is a lot more to Fortnite than fighting for a Victory Royale. During Fortnite Season 7, Epic Games introduced Creative mode: a sandbox feature that lets users create their own levels through custom islands. From kart racing to deathmatch maps to training courses, the possibilities are endless.

There are a ton of creation options available in Creative mode to help users engineer incredible levels — including vehicle spawners and prefab designs. But for fans that just want to jump into a custom map and hang out with their friends, Epic has a feature for that, too. Fortnite’s Creative mode uses Island Codes, 12-digit keys that download custom islands onto players’ consoles and PCs.

There are already scores of Fortnite Island Codes available on the internet. Most of them are found on Fortnite Tracker or Reddit’s r/FortniteCreative. Don’t worry about bookmarking URLs to repeatedly visit islands, either; once you input an Island Code, Creative mode holds onto it, letting players revisit the island through the Creative hub’s rift portals.

Below are some of the best islands available. We’re talking everything from interesting race tracks to recreations of famous video game levels. If you’d like to give a map a shot, just input its Island Code in the Creative hub to start downloading!

Warm Up Course

Creative mode gives players plenty of opportunities to practice before a round of Fortnite. However, Epic Games has yet to implement an official training island within the game’s hub. Luckily, one player has already developed a solution for fans that want to warm up before hopping into matchmaking.

Created by Fortnite player CanDook, the Warm Up Course island features a wide variety of challenges specific to player-vs-player combat in Battle Royale. In particular, the stage focuses heavily on obstacle courses that refine players’ building and editing speed. The regimen includes tower building and ramp editing. There’s even a shooting range for nailing your long-distance aim!

To check out the course for yourself, enter the map’s Island Code: 6561-6398-2653.

Grimy Greens

Grimy Greens

Kaancitak says their island, Grimy Greens, took “50+ hours” to create. Clearly, that hard work paid off. To date, Grimy Greens remains one of the most popular islands available for Creative mode.

Over on Fortnite Tracker, kaancitak calls Grimy Greens a “secret Vindertech facility disguised as a botanical garden.” In actuality, the area has ties “to the production of stink grenades” and was abandoned “ever since the rift closing up” a couple seasons back. It’s a pretty cool piece of lore, even if it’s not exactly canon.

That said, Grimy Greens shows meticulous detail. It’s almost as if it was developed by Epic itself. From carefully placed shrubs and bushes, to brick archways and enormous, towering metal structures, kaancitak’s island is a textbook example of what dedicated Fortnite players can create thanks to Creative mode’s powerful building features.

To check out Grimy Greens for yourself, type in its Island Code. It’s 8641-0487-1161.

Dust II

Counter-Strike’s multiplayer level Dust II is one of the most iconic maps in PC gaming. It makes perfect sense that Fortnite fans would try to port it over to Creative mode. While it’s impossible to literally rip Valve’s textures from Counter-Strike and place them into Fortnite, fans can still recreate Dust II’s level design through Creative mode — with striking accuracy, no less.

Case in point, VariousPurple’s Dust II remake for Fortnite. The creator designed the map with choke points, walkways, spawn areas, and bomb sites that perfectly mirror Dust II’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rendition. It’s so similar that it almost feels like players have been transported out of Fortnite and into CS:GO.

To give the island a try with your friends, just input the map’s Island Code: 1068-0274-9341.

Rainbow Road

Grab your nearest Mario Kart fan — any Mario Kart fan. They’ll all tell you the same thing. Rainbow Road is simultaneously one of the best and most infuriating courses in the series. It’s the kind of level fans love to hate and hate to love thanks to its tight turns, punishing obstacles, and narrow speedway. Now, Rainbow Road is in Fortnite! Players can race against each other through All-Terrain Karts to see who is the fastest player.

More specifically, Creative mode user Falconstrike1998’s Rainbow Road island is inspired by the SNES rendition of the course in Super Mario Kart. Featuring everything from checkpoints to Thwomps, up to eight players can hop on All-Terrain Karts and race against each other throughout the level.

Interested players simply need the Rainbow Road Island Code to check it out for themselves: 2668-3299-2351.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

True, Christmas time has come and gone, but who doesn’t appreciate a solid winter-themed map? Winter Wonderland creator Senix developed this self-described “Christmas Wonderland” map. It features an extensive, snowy village built through tweaking prefabs. Chests and ammo boxes are scattered throughout the map, and the town provides plenty of cover for everything from team deathmatch to battle royale brawls between friends.

Like Grimy Greens, Winter Wonderland is impressive partly thanks to its sheer attention to detail. Its interiors, alleys, and prefab placements are all pitch perfect. You’d think it was some kind of official holiday event map, if you didn’t know any better.

Interested players can check out Winter Wonderland by visiting its listing on Fortnite Tracker. To jump right in and give it a shot, use the following Island Code: 5773-8954-8305.

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