How to Get the Heir Apparent Catalyst in Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2021 is here, so it’s time to prove which class has a higher tolerance for grinding. With Titans prevailing last year, Hunters and Warlocks are looking to knock these punch-happy Guardians off the podium. For those who missed the event (or just didn’t feel like grinding medals) the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun has returned. Tied exclusively to this event, players will be able to not only earn this weapon but a brand new catalyst that impacts how this gun functions. The prize for many, here’s how to earn the Heir Apparent catalyst so you can spend four hundred thousand dollars when firing this weapon for twelve seconds.

How to Get the Heir Apparent Catalyst

You can have a chance to obtain the Heir Apparent catalyst whenever you turn in a Gold or Platinum Medal. If you don’t have Heir Apparent you won’t potentially get the catalyst whenever you turn in a medal. Remember, you are guaranteed a Gold Medal for completing any Strike, Gambit, or Crucible Contender Card and a Platinum Medal from Trials and Nightfall Contender Cards. Keep in mind, you have to own the gun to actually earn the catalyst. Because of this, I strongly recommend prioritizing acquiring this weapon first, so you can potentially earn the catalyst throughout the event.

Guardian Games 2021 Laurels

How to Complete the Heir Apparent Catalyst

Once you obtain the catalyst, you will need to complete four steps to fully masterwork this weapon. Three of the four are tied to Guardian Games, so you’ll definitely want to try and obtain this catalyst as soon as possible.

1. Earn 50 Points by Obtaining medals.

Medals have been slightly tweaked from last year and are now earned by completing Contender Cards, Triumphs, and finishing activities. Any medals you earn will be stored in your Medal Case and then these items are deposited into your class’s receptacle at The Tower. You’ll need to earn a total of 50 Points, but obtaining Gold and Platinum Medals will earn you additional progress.

2. Complete 3 Contender Cards

For this step, all you need to do is complete three different Contender Cards. The difficulty of the Contender Cards doesn’t matter, so pick which one you’ll find easiest to complete.

3. Collect 90 Competitive Spirit

Your next step requires you to enter the Daily Focus playlist and kill combatants with any Heavy machine gun. Doing so will reward you with Competitive Spirit, however, you can earn additional progress by landing precision final blows. I recommend using Commemoration, Thunder Lord, or Seventh Seraph SAW for this step. The Heir Apparent isn’t terribly accurate and you cannot land precision blows with Xenophage. Stick to machine guns where you can consistently land critical hits.

4. Get 700 Kills With Heir Apparent

The final portion is the most traditional aspect of the catalyst quest. All you need to do is kill 700 enemies with the Heir Apparent. This section can be completed at any time, so don’t fret about getting 700 kills during the Guardian Games event. Some areas I recommend farming these kills are Blind Well, Altars of Sorrow, the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid, and the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in The Tangled Shore.

What Does the Catalyst Do?

The Heir Apparent catalyst will impact the gun in two different ways. The first is it will increase the strength of the Arc shield it produces and the gun will now partially reload whenever that shield shatters. While I don’t think that these changes will make the weapon viable in endgame content, it’s still a fun bonus for those who like to use Heir Apparent. Additionally, the weapon will produce Orbs of Power upon multi-kills and track how many enemies you’ve defeated with it.


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