Halo Infinite Mangler Guide – Weekly Challenge Tips, Spawn Locations

It's not a shotgun?

Weekly challenges have arrived in the free-to-play version of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. If you want to progress that Heroes of Reach battle pass and unlock all of those new helmets, chest pieces, and armor FX, you’re going to need to complete some weekly challenges. As we explain in other guides, these are your primary form of progression. Doing everything the game asks you to in a given week should net you about five battle pass ranks. That means there are 115 ranks alone in your weekly challenges, so you’ll want to complete as many as possible.

In this guide, we take a look at the challenges that ask you to get kills with the Mangler. What is this weapon? How do you use it? And which maps can you find it on? We’ll answer all of those questions below!

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Halo Infinite Mangler Tips

As with all of the weapons in Halo Infinite, if you’ve never gotten your hands on a Mangler, we highly encourage you to head to the shooting range. At least give the first challenge a try so you know exactly what to expect when you start blasting. There’s nothing worse than finally getting your hands on a weapon and dying because you didn’t know what you were doing.

While the weapon may look like a handheld shotgun, it has a surprising amount of range. Headshots absolutely matter here as well. It can take four or five body shots, but three headshots from anywhere within the weapon’s range is a guaranteed kill.

If you can’t reliably land headshots against a moving target, we recommend weakening foes with another weapon before closing the gap and landing the killing blow with a Mangler.

Maps with Mangler Spawns

You can usually find the Mangler spawning in the wall containers. Depending on the game modes, it isn’t uncommon for the weapon to rotate between the Plasma Pistol and the Mangler. If you find the former, it’s also likely a spawn point for the latter.

Thus far we have looked for Mangler spawns on the following maps. We’ve attached images to help you located the spawn points.


No Mangler on this map.


Both can be found on opposite sides of the central structure near the gravity cannons.


In the building heading towards the Overshield spawn. If you’re at the spawn facing a crane in the sky, that building is on your left. If you’re at the other spawn, the building is on your right. The weapon is located on a wall on the second floor.



On the large center platform near the gravity cannons. Only spawns on one side.


In a small base just past the crashed Pelican on a rock wall.


Both sides of the map have a short rocky outcrop overlooking the interactable doors on the walls of the map.


On the back right corner on the ground level of the lower base spawn point. In the vents on the upper base. Reach it by climbing to the top area and crouching into a hole.

Launch Site

At rocket spawn, one can be found just behind the rocket. There is another next to the gravity lift overlooking Bay 02.


No Mangler on this map.

Live Fire

On just one side of the map you can find one near the Skewer spawn.


Tucked away in one of the corners. Behind this screenshot is a window with a massive waterfall that you can’t miss.

We’re still working on exploring the rest of the maps so you know exactly where to check for the Mangler. Know of some spawns yourself? Have some tips to help others get kills? Leave a comment below to help your fellow Spartans get their challenges done this week!


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