Halo Infinite Helmets Guide – How to Unlock All Helmets

Can we have Recon?

Customization is returning as a big focus of 343 Industries’ next major installment in the Halo franchise. With the introduction of battle passes and more games as a service features, Halo Infinite is set to have more appearance options than ever before. That makes things hard to keep track of, so we’re going to do our best to catalogue all of the available options with details as to how you can unlock them for yourself. Here is every helmet currently known to be in Halo Infinite. Since these details are from the technical flight, things may change upon the full release this Fall.

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Halo Infinite Helmets

Thus far we have only seen five different helmets. It is unknown how many the game will launch with. Many of these helmets have attachments which make small alterations. We will not be including those here unless they make significant changes such as the ZVEZDA DROCTULF which covers up the faceplate completely.


CAVALLINO expands Emerson’s offerings with MJOLNIR-platform helmets, tailored for the needs of fireteam leaders, trainers, and combat observers.

Unlocked by default.


The ENIGMA was intended for use by Army tank crews, but the Spartans have acquired most of these helmets, as its state-of-the-art vehicle cyberlink is an invaluable resource.

Unlocked by purchasing in store.


The AVIATOR helmet is tailored for use by cybernetically augmented aerospace pilots. Among its many special features is a high-bandwidth machine interlink configured to operate seamlessly with next-gen neural interlaces.

Unlocked by reaching level one in the Season 1 Battle Pass: For Our Tomorrow.


TRAILBLAZER builds on the many successes of MJOLNIR (R) to pioneer integration of the latest forward observation and reconnaissance VISR systems into a single Spartan-friendly package.

Unlocked by reaching level 20 in the Season 1 Battle Pass: For Our Tomorrow.


The ZVEZDA faceplate incorporates a programmable phased array antenna grid, though leveraging its full capabilities has proven to be a challenge for software developers.

Unlocked by: Unknown.

The DROCTULF uses THEIA-adjacent technologies to reduce the bulk and complexity of external target acquisition systems. Unlocked by: Unknown.

Obtaining More Helmets

It’s likely that getting more armor will be a balance between battle passes and the in game store where you can directly purchase armor, armor coatings, weapon coatings, and more. What exactly this balance looks like hasn’t been detailed.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Dates

Worried about missing armor from the battle passes? Don’t! Just like the Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries isn’t handling season passes like you would expect. Unlike other titles, battle passes never expire. They won’t go away even when new season passes launch. You’ll always be able to go back and grind for whatever collectible you want. All you need to do is choose which one you want to progress.

Each battle pass will take roughly 30-40 hours to complete and rewards must be unlocked in order. If you want that cosmetic at Tier 79, you’re going to have to unlock the previous 78 ranks first.