Halo Infinite Heroes of Reach Guide – All Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

Battle pass of battles past.

After six years, 343 Industries is back with another mainline Halo installment. Things have undoubtedly changed since the release of Halo 5: Guardians and one of those is front and center when it comes to Halo Infinite: the battle pass. Also, the multiplayer for Infinite is free so I guess that’s a huge change too. My point is, there’s a whole lot that has been changed and adapted to the times. In this guide, we’ll go over the first Halo Infinite battle pass: Heroes of Reach with a rundown of the cost, dates, progression, and how the free and premium track both play out.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Cost

Every Halo Infinite battle pass costs $10. You cannot earn currency in the pass to get the next one for free.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Dates

Much like the Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries isn’t handling season passes like you would expect. Unlike other games, these battle passes never expire. They won’t go away even when new ones launch. You’ll always be able to go back and grind for whatever collectible you want. All you need to do is choose which one you want to progress as you can only earn XP for one at a time.

Each battle pass will take roughly 100 hours to complete and rewards must be unlocked in order. If you want that cosmetic at Tier 79, you’re going to have to unlock the previous 78 ranks first.

In total, Heroes of Reach will be the current battle pass for 167 days, ending on May 2, 2022. Expect Season 2 to launch on May 3 or shortly thereafter.

How to Progress the Battle Pass

Halo Infinite does not award battle pass progress for playing matches. Everything is focused around daily and weekly challenges. These are meant to be easily completable as 343 doesn’t want people to need to play the game like it’s a full time job. For example, a daily quest may ask you to play any match. A weekly could task you with completing two matches, killing five enemies with the Commando Rifle, or finishing a single game of slayer. You won’t need to play hours of Halo every day just to keep up with the latest content.

Heroes of Reach Free Track Rewards

Before release, 343 either changed its mind or erroneously said every rank of the season pass will have both a free and paid reward. Since then, they’ve clarified that the first battle pass does not have free rewards. In fact, most of what you get is challenge rerolls. Outside of that you’ll receive one or two actual rewards per ten ranks. We’ve chosen not to include challenge swaps for the free track.

1. FUI Backdrop
6. Bryce Visor
11. Stone Green Armor Coating
16. Calm Blossom Stance
21. ENAV Beacon Chest
26. Vandal Visor
31. Ancient Code AI Color
36. LUMU AI Model
41. Tempest Lilac Armor Coating
46. Agathius Left Shoulder
49. Agathius Right Shoulder
51. Dynasty Visor
56. Ghost Grey Armor Coating
61. Kill Count Backdrop
66. Karaba Sirocco Armor Coating
71. M557 Jackplate Chest
76. Noble Portal Armor Coating
81. Trailblazer Helmet
84. Airwolf Helmet Attachment
86. Claw Marks Backdrop
89. M550D Halfplate Chest
91. Special Delivery Stance
94. Dragoon Visor
96. MARK VII Helmet
98. ARMET Helmet Attachment
100. Type II-A1 Buckler Wrist


Heroes of Reach Paid Track Rewards

The paid track, however, is much more tightly packed. Not everything is worth writing home about, but the good news is there’s no rush. You won’t miss out on anything because you can always come back later to complete it.

Throughout this track you’ll earn the individual pieces of armor from the characters of Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST. That does not include characters like Buck from ODST, but rather your silent protagonist and the Superintendent AI.

  1. MARK V Armor Core
  2. UA/TYPE B1 Helmet Attachment
  3. Breaching Kit Chest
  4. P1DA Bracer
  5. Blue Rampage Armor Coating
  6. XP Boost
  7. EVA Left Shoulder
  8. EVA Right Shoulder
  9. TAC Willow Helmet Attachment
  10. EVA Helmet
  11. XP Boost
  12. TAC/MAT Communicator Chest
  13. MC5 TACPAD Wrist
  14. Noble Principle Armor Coating
  15. Commando Helmet
  16. XP Boost
  17. Noble Helmet
  18. Courier Pearl Helmet Attachment
  19. Noble Command Stance
  20. CARTER-A259 Armor Kit
  21. XP Boost
  22. Noble Nameplate
  23. Noble Weapon Charm
  24. FGM Tactical Kit Chest
  25. FASCIA Helmet Attachment
  26. XP Boost
  27. SRT UGPS Wrist
  28. System of Systems Backdrop
  29. T-MAGS Chest
  30. Aviator Helmet
  31. XP Boost
  32. SAP/SNP Left Shoulder Pad
  33. SAP/SNP Right Shoulder Pad
  34. Noble Observer Armor Coating
  35. Scout Helmet
  36. XP Boost
  37. ARGON Helmet Attachment
  38. Desert Patrol Chest
  39. Noble Strike Stance
  40. JUN-A266 Armor Kit
  41. XP Boost
  42. Noble Armor Emblem
  43. Recon Package Chest
  44. Search and Assess Stance
  45. Recon Helmet
  46. XP Boost
  47. MK59E Helmet Attachment
  48. Challenger Gloves
  49. Critical Path Backdrop
  50. Judgment Phoenix Kill Effect
  51. XP Boost
  52. Type FJ Knee Pads
  53. M45 Hardcase Utility
  54. Noble Intercessor Armor Coating
  55. Air Assault Helmet
  56. XP Boost
  57. Noble Vehicle Emblem
  58. Starlight Helmet Attachment
  59. Noble Confidence Stance
  60. CATHERINE-B320 Armor Kit
  61. XP Boost
  62. ODST Left Shoulder Pad
  63. ODST Right Shoulder Pad
  64. Helljumper Visor
  65. ODST Helmet
  66. XP Boost
  67. ODST Chest
  68. Keep It Clean Weapon Charm
  69. Super Tone AI Color
  70. Superintendent AI Model
  71. XP Boost
  72. JOR Knee Pads
  73. Vaultlock Chest
  74. Noble Defender Armor Coating
  75. Grenadier Helmet
  76. XP Boost
  77. Stalwart Visor
  78. Type E3 Helmet Attachment
  79. Noble Justice Stance
  80. JORGE-052 Armor Kit
  81. XP Boost
  82. MKVI Left Shoulder Pad
  83. MKVI Right Shoulder Pad
  84. MARK VI Helmet
  85. Judgment Mantle Armor Effect
  86. XP Boost
  87. M10 Tactical Soft Case Utility
  88. CASC Wrist
  89. Noble Executioner Armor Coating
  90. EVA [C] Helmet
  91. XP Boost
  92. Visigoth Visor
  93. Sapper Rig Chest
  94. Noble Fury Stance
  95. EMILE-A239 Armor Kit
  96. XP Boost
  97. Judgment Helm Armor Effect
  98. MIA Visor
  99. Redacted Records Armor Coating
  100. Judgment Flames Mythic Effect Set