Halo Infinite Battle Pass Explained – Price, Details, Rewards

Battle pass of battles past.

Halo Infinite isn’t all that far away at this point with a Q4 2021 release window. With the technical preview now available, fans are beginning to uncover how 343 Industries plans on handling some of the game’s features. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the battle pass system specifically, with details on the price, rewards, and Halo’s unique way of keeping season passes around forever.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass 0 Cost

We don’t yet know how much a battle pass will cost in Halo Infinite. In the Master Chief Collection, battle passes were a free experience and all you had to do was choose which one you wanted to progress. That won’t be the case in Infinite as there is a free and a premium track much like you’d expect from comparable games.

In the technical test it costs 250 credits though it’s unknown how much real world currency these will cost or if that is the actual price when the game releases.

None of the items unlocked will carry over to the full game.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Dates

Much like the Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries isn’t handling season passes like you would expect. Unlike other titles, battle passes never expire. They won’t go away even when new season passes launch. You’ll always be able to go back and grind for whatever collectible you want. All you need to do is choose which one you want to progress.

Each battle pass will take roughly 30-40 hours to complete and rewards must be unlocked in order. If you want that cosmetic at Tier 79, you’re going to have to unlock the previous 78 ranks first.

How to Progress the Battle Pass

Halo Infinite does not award battle pass progress for playing matches. Everything is focused around daily and weekly challenges. These are meant to be easily completable as 343 doesn’t want people to need to play the game like it’s a full time job. For example, a daily quest may ask you to play any match. A weekly could task you with completing two matches, killing five enemies with the Commando Rifle, or finishing a single game of slayer. You won’t need to play hours of Halo every day just to keep up with the latest content.

Battle Pass 0 Rewards

None of these rewards carry over, but if you’re curious, here is the list of cosmetics and consumables in the technical preview battle pass.

  1. Challenge Swap & Aviator Helmet
  2. Karaba Sirocco Armor Coating & XP Boost
  3. Rampant Visor
  4. Challenge Swap & UA / Agathius Right Shoulder Pad
  5. UA / Agathius Left Shoulder Pad
  6. Cloven Seaform Armor Coating & XP Boost
  7. Goblin Visor
  8. Scorpion Punch Armor Coating & XP Boost
  9. Phalanx Visor
  10. Challenge Swap & XP Boost
  11. UA / Alair Right Shoulder Pad
  12. UA / Alair Left Shoulder Pad
  13. Challenge Swap & Vandal Visor
  14. Blue Rampage Armor Coating
  15. Challenge Swap & UA / Type RG Knee Pads
  16. Cosmic Corruption Armor Coating & XP Boost
  17. Ghost Grey Armor Coating & XP Boost
  18. Dragoon Visor
  19. Challenge Swap & UA / Type SP Knee Pads
  20. Trailblazer Helmet

Halo Infinite Battle Pass 1 Info

What’s next for the actual release? We don’t know! 343 Industries hasn’t commented on what content will be made available

We’ll keep you updated if any of this information changes. Now go unlock some cosmetics!


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