Halo Infinite Armor Kits Guide – All Armor Kits, Warnings

Kits, cores, & more.

After six years, 343 Industries is back with another mainline Halo installment. Things have undoubtedly changed from the last Halo you played, and one of those changes is the introduction of armor kits. Just don’t go confusing them with armor cores, which are an entirely different thing.

In this guide, we go over armor kits in Halo Infinite, explain what they are, how you can unlock more of them, and give you some warnings.

What Are Armor Kits?

In short: armor kits are a customization feature new to Halo Infinite. Want to quickly set up your Spartan to look like Emile from Halo: Reach? Unlock that reward in the Heroes of Reach battle pass and it’s all yours. You can then easily swap over to Kat, Jorge, or Carter by changing just one box.

You may notice the battle pass also rewards various pieces from the Halo: Reach Spartans; this is why. These kits cannot be customized. You set it and forget it. If you want to put together a Spartan that looks like Carter but has a different armor coating and visor color, you’ll need to unlock the individual pieces first. That’s why it looks like the battle pass is giving you access to something you already have. You unlock (most) of the individual pieces before finishing the actual armor kit.

As we just let on, some kits may also have exclusive items. For example, Emile’s shoulder pad with the knife is only on the armor kit. You can’t fully recreate his look unless you equip the kit itself. It may become available in the future, but right now that’s the only way to sport his iconic look.

Purchasing Armor Kits

You should keep this in mind when purchasing armor kits from the in-game store. Those Halo Championship Series kits with special Cloud9 colors will only ever look like that. You cannot take the coating or visor color and apply them to your customized Spartan. You don’t purchase the individual pieces, but rather the whole look.

The community is currently full of threads with people discovering this the hard way, so don’t be one of them!

All Armor Kits

There are currently 14 armor kits in Halo Infinite, though nine of them are promotional skins for the Halo Championship Series. The other five are locked behind the Heroes of Reach battle pass.

Heroes of Reach Armor Kits

All five of these Halo: Reach kits are unlocked by leveling the premium track of the Heroes of Reach battle pass.

Halo Championship Series Armor Kits

Each of these HCS armor kits costs 1,000 Credits ($10) and also comes with a Battle Rifle kit and emblem.

And that’s everything you need to know about armor kits in Halo Infinite! Thus far, outside of those HCS kits, none have been for sale for credits. We’ll let you know if that changes — and if it does, do keep in mind you aren’t actually purchasing the individual pieces. If you want to be able to wear the shoulders, helmet, and chest on whatever armor you’d like, you actually want to purchase a bundle!


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