Hades Infernal Weapons Tips Guide – How to Unlock all Infernal Arms

In Hades, a disillusioned son of the Underworld is only as good as his weapon. Infernal Arms are your primary method of dealing damage and interacting with the world of Supergiant’s roguelike. The game, which is currently in early access, includes five weapons at the moment. In this guide, we’ll run down all of them, how to unlock each, and highlight which ones are the best.

Hades Weapons List – The Five Infernal Arms and How to Unlock Them

Each of the five weapons in Hades has different strengths and weaknesses, and comes equipped with varying standard and special attacks. Some, like the Heart-Seeking Bow, are better at a distance, while others, like the Shield of Chaos, favor more defensive play. Each Infernal Arm is a viable choice, though, and skilled players can escape the Underworld with any of them.

Each weapon has a standard attack, a special attack, and a dashing attack. Zagreus will start his adventure with only one weapon unlocked: the Stygian Blade. The rest are unlocked with collectible items called Chthonic Keys. Here’s a quick rundown of all the weapons and how many Keys they require.

Stygian Blade

  • Chthonic Keys required: None
  • Special Attack: Nova Smash

The Stygian Blade is Zagreus’ default weapon. For the most part, it behaves how you’d expect, with a combination of wide and directional melee swings. The special attack, Nova Smash, releases a 360-degree burst of damage with the trade off of leaving Zagreus stationary for a short time. All around, it’s a strong weapon if you prefer nimble melee combat.

Heart-Seeking Bow

  • Chthonic Keys required: 2
  • Special Attack: Volley Fire

The Heart-Seeking Bow is the go-to weapon if you prefer ranged combat. The primary attack is a short-range arrow, but the distance and power can be increased by holding down the attack button. Its special attack is called Volley Fire, releasing a handful of arrows in a cone in front of Zagreus. Keeping enemies at a distance takes some getting used to, especially after running with the Stygian Blade for so long. The quick attack speed and versatility are worth the time investment, though.

hades weapons

Shield of Chaos

  • Chthonic Keys required: 3
  • Special Attack: Throw

While other melee weapons may leave you feeling exposed, the Shield of Chaos favors defensive play. The standard attack is a very short-range melee strike, but holding the attack button down will keep the shield up in front of you. In addition, holding it long enough charges up a forward moving strike that sends Zagreus hurdling into whatever is in front of him. Bull Rush also has a knock-back effect,  useful for knocking enemies into walls and other environmental hazards like traps. The special ability is called Throw, and it causes Zagreus to toss the shield Captain America-style. It then bounces between enemies and other objects before returning.

Eternal Spear

  • Chthonic Keys required: 4
  • Special Attack:  Throw

The Eternal Spear splits the difference between the Stygian Blade and Heart-Seeker Bow by providing a solid mix of melee and ranged attacks. The basic attack is a forward thrust and holding the attack button charges a 360 spin attack. The special is where the Eternal Spear shines, though. Pressing the button hurls it forward like a javelin, and pressing it again will recall the spear, damaging anything it passes through. The effectiveness is doubled if you manage to find a boon like Multi Skewer that adds area damage to the throw.

Adamant Rail

  • Chthonic Keys required: 8
  • Special Attack: Bombard

The Adamant Rail is, hands-down, the most unique weapon in Hades. Mostly because it’s, you know, a gun. The attack button fires bullets as fast as you can tap it can’t stagger enemies. Also, Zagreus is immobile while firing, and the Adamant Rail must be reloaded after its ammo is depleted. The special attack, Bombard, is a bomb that explodes after a short delay. It takes some skill to get used to the Adamant Rail, but mastering it is truly a rewarding feeling.

In general, you’re going to want to use whatever weapon you feel most comfortable with. They’re all equally viable options, and Supergiant Games has taken special care to make each one feel unique. So, which Infernal Arm is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!