How to Get Gun Powder & Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in this long-running FPS franchise and it has you assuming the role of a guerrilla fighter in the totally fictional country of Cuba Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Anton Castillo, players will burn, blast, and blow up the militaristic forces occupying this island. Just like previous games in this series, players will venture to various regions in Yara, taking down specific villains, acquiring new weapons, and fighting alongside the locals in typically zany quests. Crafting returns to Far Cry 6, however, the entire system is more streamlined making it far easier to improve your firearms. However, you will need to find some Supremo-Bond and Gun Powder if you want to make some of the best items in the game.

How to Get Gun Powder & Supremo-Bond

While there are a number of crafting materials, these are by far the most important. You can acquire Gun powder and Supremo-Bond a few different ways, but the most consistent is by opening Libertad and FND Caches. These are crates that you will find tucked away throughout all regions in Yara and will almost always reward you with one of these materials when unlocked. The best way to locate these caches is by interacting with various information sources you’ll stumble across. Information sources are marked by black diamonds with exclamation marks inside of them. Talking to one of these people will typically result in either learning about an enemy base or where to find the caches.

Another way to obtain these materials is by completing specific quests. Some missions will offer both Supremo-Bond and Gun Powder as a reward along with some experience. Unfortunately, this is an inconsistent method, so I wouldn’t be too reliant on just story missions. Finally, you can find these items in Supply Crates which randomly drop in Yara. These are marked with bright yellow smoke and typically have several guards around them. You are always guaranteed to find one by completing Recon Point or Gun Supply side quests. On your map, these will be marked as red squares with a white radio or pistol inside them.

Of these three methods, the best is by far opening up caches. Not only is there an abundance of them, but just one section in a region typically has a little over half a dozen. Make sure to also keep an eye out when you are doing story quests, as these areas will usually have caches somewhere. Don’t forget, examining an area with your phone’s camera will tag any caches you scan past. Because of this, I suggest always using your phone to mark enemies and potential crafting materials before entering restricted zones.