Grendel Guide: Warframe Unlock, Farm, Release Date & Abilities

Master this hungry, hungry Warframe with our guide to Grendel!

Grendel is the newest Warframe coming to, well, Warframe. This large and powerful war machine was officially named and announced at TennoCon 2019 — alongside another character called Gauss. And he’s awfully unique among the many playable classes in-game. Rather than a strange, writhing mass of flesh and circuitry, Grendel is a solidly built battler. Their unique silhouette seems to reflect their abilities, too. Learn all about those and more in our guide to Grendel in Warframe!

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Grendel Abilities: Warframe Guide

Grendel is basically the Kirby of Warframe characters. Feast, his basic ability, can consume multiple enemies at a time and store them inside Grendel’s stomach. This doesn’t just provide some okay crowd control! Grendel passively gains armor for each enemy he consumes, too. The skill does consume more energy time you eat, though. To counteract this, you can “evacuate” the stored foes all at once in a frontal blast of bile and bodies.

Otherwise you can use Nourish. This fully eliminates the first enemy stacked inside of Grendel. In exchange, he and his nearby allies gain a radial buff to armor, damage, and energy.

Regurgitate is exactly what it sounds like. You barf out a single enemy away from Grendel as a “toxic projectile.” It seems to have more range than releasing Feast, and only expels a single baddie at a time. The extra Toxin damage also sounds like a bonus.

Finally, we have one Grendel ability that doesn’t involve eating folks. Pulverize transforms the Warframe into a rolling ball of death. While in this form, Grendel can move around and knock down enemies like a bowling ball. He can also jump. Doing so does area-of-effect damage and knocks enemies flat on their butts in a wider radius.


Warframe Grendel

How to Unlock Grendel: Warframe Guide

We don’t actually know how to unlock Grendel just yet. Digital Extremes hasn’t told us! But there are usually only a few possibilities. You might need to complete a side quest, farm for rare materials in an open world, or battle a specific boss. There’s always a chance the devs might surprise us, too!

It’s also safe to say that Grendel will be the next Warframe added to the game. We saw footage of him being played on the TennoCon 2019 main stage and, according to the developer, he is nearly complete. Gauss was also announced at nearly the same time. And now we know for certain that Grendel will arrive in The Old Blood Warframe update sometime soon — alongside the Kuva Lich system.

Grendel Farm in Warframe

Check back later once Grendel has been released in Warframe! We’ll let you know everything you need to farm his blueprints in the game. Until then, take care and have fun speculating with the rest of us.

How to Play Grendel Tips: Warframe Guide

Check back later once Grendel has been released in Warframe! We’ll let you know everything you need to play this Warframe effectively. Until then, take care and have fun speculating with the rest of us.

And there you have it! This has been our guide to Grendel in Warframe — including tips, how to farm him, and where to unlock this brutal creature. Be sure to check out the rest of Fanbyte for more Warframe news, guides, features, and more. Good luck in the meantime, Tenno!


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