Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Factions Guide – Battle Rewards Explained

One of the many new additions to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint are the Faction Missions and their accompanying Battle Rewards system. There’s a lot of information to take in, but if you’re willing to put the time in you can unlock a host of new weapons, vehicles, and customization options. If that all sounds delightful then keep reading, because we’ve got everything you need to know right here in our Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Factions Guide.

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What Are Faction Missions and Where to Find Them

Faction Missions are special missions for the two main factions in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The two factions that you’ll be working with are the Homesteaders, led by Mads Schulz, and the Outcasts, led by Haruhi Ito. When you first arrive at Erewhon, talk to Schulz and he’ll ask you to help him out with his endless to-do list. After a little story progression, he’ll also point you towards Ito and her camp at South Cape Station in the Windy Islands province.

You don’t need to go anywhere specific to start most Faction Missions – just open the menu and head over to the Objectives Board tab. Here you will find the Faction Missions section. Clicking through to any of the Factions or their leaders will show you the list of available missions. Pin the mission you want to tackle, and it will show up on your map. Other missions need to be activated by talking to the Faction leaders at their respective camps. If you see a red chevron next to a mission in the list, this means you’re below the recommended level – steer clear of these until you’ve leveled up.

A final word of warning for anyone playing with Guided Mode turned off – you’re going to struggle. Faction Missions don’t come with details of their location in their description, so you won’t have any idea where the mission is with objective markers turned off. I recommend switching Guided Mode on temporarily if you decide to take one on.

How to Complete Faction Missions

The Faction Missions in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint are split into two distinct categories: Faction Missions and Faction Supports. There isn’t really any different between the two types other than the kind of task you’ll be doing. Missions tend to be aggressive strikes at Skell Tech and the Sentinels, while Supports usually involve helping the group find supplies or information.

There’s an ongoing storyline with the Faction Missions that will progress over time as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint matures. The first chapter of the Homesteaders’ Faction Missions is called “Staying Safe,” while the first chapter of the Outcasts Faction Missions is called “A Long Road to Victory.” These chapters end on October 21, when the next chapters begin.

Your objective will vary depending on the type of Faction Mission you’ve taken on, but you’ll almost always be tasked with blowing something up, defending something, stealing something, or interrogating someone. When you complete a Faction Mission, you’ll earn a reward and some Battle Points (see the Battle Rewards section below). The completed Faction Mission will also be replaced with another one immediately. There is a daily limit on the amount of Faction Missions you can do though. Each Faction Mission gives you Battle Points as a reward and you are limited to earning 400 Battle Points per day.

What Are Battle Rewards and How to Unlock Them – Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Alongside the rewards for completing individual Faction Missions, you’ll also gain Battle Points every time you complete a Faction Mission. The Battle Rewards system works similarly to things like Rocket League’s Rocket Pass, or Gears 5’s Tour of Duty. Completing Faction Missions gives you Battle Points which level up your Battle Rewards. The amount of Battle Points you earn depends on the type and difficulty of the mission. You can check how much each mission is worth by hovering over it on the Objectives Board screen – Battle Points are the little stylized B symbol above the XP reward.

When you’ve earned enough Battle Points, you will level up to the next tier in Battle Rewards and unlock an item. These rewards range from customization options for your appearance like camo patterns and sunglasses through to new weapons, vehicles, and emotes. These items can only be unlocked through Battle Rewards.

Battle Rewards work in seasons, each lasting for two months. Any upgrades you fail to unlock by the end of the season will presumably be gone forever, so it makes sense to get cracking with the Faction Missions ASAP if you want the all the goodies that the Battle Rewards have to offer.

And there we have it. That’s everything you need to know about the Factions, Faction Missions and Battle Rewards in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Now get out there and earn yourself some sweet loot.