Ghost Recon Breakpoint A.I. Teammates Guide – How to Get A.I. Teammates

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is finally getting one of the most requested features since the game launched. A.I. teammates are returning to this tactical shooter for solo players. Announced during the Ubisoft Forward event, users can now bring up to three additional computer-controlled Ghosts through the entirety of Breakpoint’s campaign. Similar to Ghost Recon Wildlands, players can issue commands and the Ghosts will work independently during firefights. This makes them fairly formidable on the battlefield, allowing you to easily take on previously difficult firefights.

However, these characters will not be unlocked right away, as you’ll need to do a little work if you’re just starting out. Here’s how to get your A.I. teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint AI teammates

How to Unlock A.I. Teammates

After you download the 16 GB patch, you will be able to use your teammates after you complete the game’s Prologue. This portion of the game extends until you reach the Erewhon base for the first time and link up with the rest of the survivors. After you complete the intro involving this social hub, you can open up your menu and then select the “Teammates” in the bottom right corner of the Lobby subtab. Enabling them will add three additional A.I. teammates to your squad.

Each of these soldiers can be fully customized, along with what their secondary weapon is. Do this by highlighting the icon over their name and selecting it. This will open up the customization menu where you can change their face, hair, beard, clothing, and add other details like scars or headgear. The catch is, you are limited only by the cosmetics you’ve unlocked in that playthrough. So if you really want to equip a really cool pair of night vision goggles, you’ll need to locate them first. Additionally, A.I. teammates can wear full outfits such as the Nomad skin.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint A.I. Teammates

Players can also customize the secondary weapon that each of the three teammates carry into the battle. While their assault rifles cannot be altered, you can pick whatever secondary weapon you want and decide what attachments go on it via the Gunsmith. Just like the cosmetic items, you have to actually unlock the items to use them for your A.I. teammates. You can find the weapon tab in the bottom right corner of the A.I characters customization area.

Keep in mind, that their fighting style will depend on what weapon you pick as their secondary is. For example, if you equip a sniper rifle, then that character is more likely to fight targets at a distance. You can use this to balance out your specific playstyle, giving you a nice advantage in combat. These teammates will also go stealthy if you choose to use a silencer and adapt to your specific way of playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Just like previous installments you can also give them commands, move them into specific areas, or use all three to pull of a Sync Shot to kill 4 targets at once without the drone.

If you’ve been looking for the true Ghost Recon experience, these teammates plus Immersive Mode will remove all the bells and whistles of the base game.