Ghost of Tsushima Horse Guide: Which Color Should You Pick?

White, black, or dapple - whichever one you pick, this horse is sticking with you.

Early on in Ghost of Tsushima, players are presented with an important choice: which horse is right for you? It’s hardly the first time that dilemma has been posed to open-world players. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have a variety of breeds to choose, with various stat bonuses associated to each one. Whereas Ghost of Tsushima only gives you three. There is a white horse, a black horse, and a gray one with a dappled (i.e. spotted) pattern. But which horse should you pick? And what should you name them when you do? Let’s figure it out!

When I say this is an important choice, I don’t necessarily mean it’s a gameplay-relevant one. None of the three (or possibly four) horses in Ghost of Tsushima has stats or behavior different from any other. They all play exactly the same. You can call them with a whistle, gallop or trot, and hop onto them mid-run no matter what.

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Your selection is only important because it’s permanent. You can’t change your horse or its name again during the course of the entire game. Not yet, anyway. Who knows what DLC may bring?

You end up seeing your horse quite a lot, too. Whatever color horse you choose appears in cutscenes and at the end of important missions. Jin, the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima, has a variety of unique interactions with the animal that act like a coda to main and side quests throughout the game. He might nap with them, pose with them, or comfort them after a long battle. It’s cute! And if you don’t like your option, you’ll end up being forced to see it pretty frequently throughout the game.

I personally chose the white horse and named it Nobu. The name also has no effect on gameplay, but Jin will call out to his mount by name pretty frequently, as well. And I just couldn’t bring myself to name my steed Sora — and thereby doom myself to thinking about Kingdom Hearts every single time I needed to ride somewhere. I’m pretty happy with my decisions.

Of course, the three basic color options are what’s available to us plebeians. Those that bought the Ghost of Tsushima digital deluxe package get a fourth: a brown horse. If you paid extra for the option, there’s really no reason not to take it. The fourth horse will be available at the stable where the usual trio hang out, pretty much right after the tutorial section of the game. Again: if you don’t claim your digital deluxe edition prize at this point, it’s lost to you forever. So pick wisely!

Ghost of Tsushima is chock full of cosmetic and flavor options like this throughout the game (up to and including writing custom haiku on your headbands). While most of them don’t matter, a few choices, like what outfit you wear, do include gameplay benefits. Always make sure to check the description of an item to know what it does! As long as you do, you should be fine.