Genshin Impact Zhongli Guide: Best Build, Artifacts, & Team for Patch 1.5

Now that Zhongli is back in a Genshin Impact banner, it’s time to look at how his build has changed since he originally released last year. At first, players weren’t sure how to build him. Should he be a massive health tank, providing shields for everyone? Or was be better off as a burst support? Maybe a physical carry? While there are still many possibilities, we’ve settled in on one selection. In this guide, we’ll explain the best build, artifacts, and team, for Zhongli support!

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Zhongli’s charged basic attack involves teleporting and having polearms plunge into the ground from above. Dominus Lapidis, his basic ability, summons a stone stele out of the ground and can also make nearby Geo structures explode. What you’re meant to do is knock foes back with your basic attacks and use the stele plunging forth out of the ground to knock up enemies again. Meanwhile, his ultimate is just a giant AOE that petrifies enemies in place.

Focus on leveling up his Elemental Burst first. Then you can focus on his Elemental Skill and Normal Attack.

Rain of Stone (Normal Attack)

    • Normal Attack: Performs up to six rapid strikes.
    • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, causing stone spears to fall along his path.
    • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AOE DMG upon impact.

Dominus Lapidis (Elemental Skill)

      • Tap: Commands the omnipresent power of the earth to solidify into a Stone Stele, dealing AOE Geo DMG. Additionally, the Stone Stele will resonate with other Geo Constructs in the vicinity, dealing Geo DMG to surrounding enemies. The Stone Stele is considered a Geo Construct, and can both be climbed and used to block attacks. Only one Stele may exist at any one time.
      • Hold: Causes nearby Geo energy to explode, providing the following effects:
        • Creates a shield of jade. The shield’s DMG absorption scales based on Zhongli’s Max HP, and absorbs Geo DMG 250% more effectively.
        • Causes AOE Geo DMG.
        • If there are nearby targets with the Geo element, it will drain a large amount of Geo element from a maximum of two such targets. This effect does not cause DMG.

Planet Befall (Elemental Burst)

    • Brings a falling meteor down to earth, dealing massive Geo DMG to opponents caught in its AOE and applying the Petrification status to them.
      • Petrification: Opponents affected by the Petrification status cannot move.

Resonant Waves (Passive 1) – Ascension 1

    • When the Jade Shield takes DMG, it will Fortify. Fortified characters have five percent increased Shield Strength. Can stack up to five times, and lasts until the Jade Shield disappears.

Dominance of Earth (Passive 2) – Ascension 4

    • Planet Befall deals additional DMG equals to 33% of Zhongli’s Max HP.

Arcanum of Crystal (Passive 3) – Unlocked

    • Refunds 15% of the ores used when crafting Polearm-type weapons.


Again, we’re building Zhongli as a support here though you can also build him as a physical carry.

Weapon Options

With Zhongli scaling off of HP, Staff of Homa is easily the best available option for him. If you don’t have that, there is some good news. White Tassel, a 3-Star weapon, is another good pick.

Staff of Homa (5-Star) – HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder’s maximum HP. When the wielder’s HP is less than 50%, this ATK bonus is increased by an additional 1% of maximum HP.

White Tassel (3-Star) – For a more budget option, this spear is a solid choice, as it increases all normal attack damage by 24 percent at its base level. If your Zhongli is all about DPS, this is a good, basic choice.


For artifacts, we’re going to focus on the most obvious stats: Geo Damage > ATK > HP > Cooldown reduction. When it comes to specific sets, however, Tenacity of the Millelith is probably the best full set available. Not only does it increase Zhongli’s maximum health, but also provides a very powerful support effect, boosting your entire team’s damage and survivability.

Tenacity of the Millelith (4/5-Star) – (2) +20% HP. (4) When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the attack of all nearby party members is increased by 20% and their shield strength is increased by 30% for three seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5 seconds. This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.

Noblesse Oblige (4/5-Star) – (2) +20% Elemental burst damage. (4) Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot stack.

Archaic Petra (4/5-Star) – (2) +15% Geo damage bonus. (4) Upon obtaining an Elemental Shard created through a crystallize reaction, all party members gain 35% damage bonus for that particular element for ten seconds. Only one form of elemental damage bonus can be gained in this manner at any one time.


Because of the importance of DPS and healers, we recommend using Zhongli in your utility slot. He’s not good enough to be a primary DPS and doesn’t really have enough shields to be more useful than other shield providing characters though.

  • Top Tier Team
    • Main DPS: Albedo
    • Secondary DPS: Bennett
    • Healer: Qiqi
    • Support: Zhongli
  • Budget Team
    • Main DPS: Geo Traveler
    • Secondary DPS: Xiangling
    • Healer: Barbara
    • Support: Zhongli

Talent Materials

  • Talent Level-Up Material: Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Gold
  • Common Ascension Material: Slime Condensate/Secretions/Concentrate
  • Weekly Material: Tusk of Monoceros Caeli


We’re putting the constellation information here at the bottom because it’s incredibly difficult to rank these up in any meaningful way outside of sheer luck. The good news is just one or two constellations really does improve the quality of life for Zhongli, allowing you to summon two stone steles instead of just one.

  • Level 1 – Rock, the Backbone of Earth: Increases the maximum number of Stone Steles created by Dominus Lapidis that may exist simultaneously to two.
  • Level 2 – Stone, the Cradle of Jade: Planet Befall grants nearby characters on the field a Jade Shield when it descends.
  • Level 3 – Jade, Shimmering through Darkness: Increases the Level of Dominus Lapidis by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 4 – Topaz, Unbreakable and Fearless: Increases Planet Befall’s AOE by 20% and increases the duration of Planet Befall’s Petrification effect by two seconds.
  • Level 5 – Lazuli, Herald of Order: Increases the Level of Planet Befall by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 6 – Chrysos, Bounty of Dominator: When the Jade Shield takes DMG, 40% of that incoming DMG is converted to HP for the current character. A single instance of regeneration cannot exceed eight percent of that character’s Max HP.

Ascension Information

Here’s what you’ll need to maximize Zhongli’s level cap.

  • 1st Ascension (Max Level 40) – 1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver, 3 Cor Lapis, 3 Slime Condensate
  • 2nd Ascension (Max Level 50) – 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragments, 2 Basalt Pillars, 10 Cor Lapis, 15 Slime Condensate
  • 3rd Ascension (Max Level 60) – 6 Prithiva Topaz Fragments, 4 Basalt Pillars, 20 Cor Lapis, 12 Slime Secretions
  • 4th Ascension (Max Level 70) – 3 Prithiva Topaz Chunks, 8 Basalt Pillars, 30 Cor Lapis, 18 Slime Secretions
  • 5th Ascension (Max Level 80) – 6 Prithiva Topaz Chunks, 12 Basalt Pillars, 45 Cor Lapis, 12 Slime Concentrate
  • 6th Ascension (Max Level 90) – 6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstones, 20 Basalt Pillars, 60 Cor Lapis, 24 Slime Concentrate

And that’s it! Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Guide put together with contributions from Aiden Strawhun.


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