Genshin Impact Solve the Mystery Quest Guide – Chest Locations

Genshin Impact almost always tells you exactly where to go. Whether you opt to have the game highlight the waypoint on your map or accept the prompt to literally show you the path to take on the ground. The game is remarkably ready to tell you where you should be going.

There is an exception for this relatively early on in the campaign, however. During the Solve the Mystery quest, Kaeya will ask you to track down hidden treasure with little more than some clues you’ll uncover along the way. He claims he comes from a family of pirates and knows of a hidden treasure in the form of a powerful sword.

While you can just go and ask him for hints, the game does provide you with books in your inventory which give you all the information you need. In this guide, we have information on all of the chest locations in case you don’t want to go back to Kaeya for some assistance.

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First Location – Mondstadt Windmill

We’ve already completed the quest, so we don’t have the exact words, but the first clue speaks of six armed giants guarding the statue in Mondstadt. This is referring to the windmills! There are a total of three in town, two of which are closer to the statue than the other. It’s this third windmill that you want to climb up!

While each of the windmills actually have chests located on the highest platform, it’s this one that contains your next clue.

Second Location – Atop the Springvale Waterfall

You’ll need to do some Breath of the Wild style climbing up the cliffside for this next chest. The book you get will roughly show you the location which is only useful assuming you’ve unlocked the map via the nearby Statues of the Seven. If you haven’t, we recommend you do so because it makes this much easier to find!

Once you get to Springvale, continue past it to the nearby Windwail Highland teleport waypoint. You’ll see a waterfall just behind it. Climb up the cliff on the left side of the waterfall and you should see three frost totems which must be turned on with frost attacks. We recommend using Kaeya’s ability to do so. After you’ve activated all three, you’ll get the final clue and location!

Final Location – The Falcon Coast

Surprise, surprise. The treasure’s final location is in a cave located along the Falcon Coast. This time, Genshin Impact will show you exactly where to go! Just check your map and follow the waypoint. Again, we’ve finished the quest so we can’t show you exactly where to go this time, but the game will show you.

Once you get there, you’ll embark on a short mission which recommends electric and cryo elements. Outfit your team, progress through the dungeon, and complete the mission!