Genshin Impact Snowstrider Fishing Guide – Location, Time, Bait Type

If Genshin Impact didn’t already have enough content for you to grind, miHoYo has added another with the latest update in the form of fishing. It’s about what you’d expect from a system like this. You’ll need to get a fishing pole, craft the right bait, and find the right fishing points when the fish you want is around. All of this is remarkably hard to figure out unless you have outside help. That’s why we’re here though! In this guide, we tell you how to check the Snowstrider off your list of fish to catch as we detail its location, available time, and proper bait types.

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Where to Find the Snowstrider

The Snowstrider is an elusive fish and can only be found in a single lake in Dragonspine. Don’t go and show up at any time of day, however, as it only spawns between 18:00 and 6:00. That’s between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM for those of you who are used to 12-hour clocks. Keep in mind that this is in-game time and not real world time. No need for time travel shenanigans. You can just use Genshin’s waiting feature instead.

How to Catch the Snowstrider

For bait, you need to use Redrot Bait. If you don’t have the formula, go visit Nantuck at the Mondstadt Fishing Association. Nantuck doesn’t want Mora however, you’ll need to fork over three Medaka fish instead.

Once you have that ten Redrot Bait can be crafted by using one Dendrobium and one Fowl. If you need Dendrobium, check out our farming guide for that! Fowl is easier to obtain. Those who don’t want to roam around hunting for chickens should just send your characters on some expeditions.

Fish Respawning

Much like other resources, fish don’t instantly respawn. As you’re fishing, you’ll begin to deplete the number of fish in the pool. While there remains more fish to be caught, the fishing spot will continue to ripple. Unfortunately, this means it’s entirely possible for you to go looking for a specific fish and not get any of it during your attempt. This particular spot in Dragonspine only holds eight fish at once and there are four different fish in the pool: Medaka, Venomspine, Snowstrider, and Tea-Colored Shirakodai.

Once a fish has been caught, it will take three full days for another one to enter the pool. From what we can tell, these are counted individually and not the pool as a whole. For example, if you catch one fish, there will be seven left in the pool and an eighth will be added in three days. If you caught all eight in one hour, however, all eight will respawn in 72 hours. Therefore it’s more beneficial to catch all of them at once as this makes it more efficient for whenever you do return. Once the timers get all mixed up you might come back only to find three or four fish to catch.