Genshin Impact Small Lamp Grass Guide – Lamp Grass Location & Uses

Farm at night for extra ease.

If you’re experienced with Genshin Impact, chances are you already know exactly why you’re looking for Small Lamp Grass. For those of you who don’t, it’s one of the many materials you need to collect in order to make your characters stronger and stronger. Used in the character ascensions of Amber, Diluc, Fischl, and Eula, this item is absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to use them in their party. Here’s where to find Small Lamp Grass, how to harvest it, and what items it’s currently used for.

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Where to Find the Small Lamp Grass

If you are looking to farm Small Lamp Grass you, thankfully, have more than a few locations to check out. For the most part, they’re clustered together which does make this process easier. A total of 13 can be found in the area surrounding Wolvendom, so that’s a good place to start. After that, head up into the hills an you’ll find seven more across just two nodes. It’s worth the stop. After that, head on over to Windrise and visit the two locations we marked. While they’re all single nodes, you can get 11 more here. Just visiting these four spots can net you about 30 Small Lamp Grass with each run you make. Feel free to visit the other nodes but they’re less productive for the amount of time spent.

You can also purchase five Small Lamp Grass from Flora in Mondstadt for 1,000 Mora each.

Remember, the grass will refresh around every two to three real-world days. Because of this, I recommend hitting all three areas. This will maximize your farm, reducing the amount of time spent waiting for them to respawn.

I give all the credit in the world to those behind this superb interactive Genshin Impact map below.


Small Lamp Grass Uses

At the time of writing this, Small Lamp Grass is primarily used for character ascensions. Right now, Amber, Diluc, Fischl, and Eula all require a lot of this.

It takes 168 Small Lamp Grass to reach Ascension 6 for a single character, so I recommend you start farming early. Even if you don’t have any of the above characters right now, there’s always a chance you could pick one of them up later down the road. That’s a whopping 672 Small Lamp Grass in total.

The material is also used in a few recipes including “Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt,” “Pile ‘Em Up,” Sunshine Sprat and Woodland Dream. The foremost is a special recipe that only Diluc has a chance of getting when making “Pile ‘Em Up.”

It’s possible that the Small Lamp Grass will become more useful once the anticipated third region releases. We will update our guide with any new information or if changes are made to this crafting material.

We have guides available for Eula, Diluc, and Fischl if you’re interested in those.

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