Genshin Impact Shenhe Guide: Best Build & Team for Patch 2.4 (January 2022)

Chongyun’s auntie is here to boost your Cryo team.

After being discarded by her exorcist family, the new 5-Star Genshin Impact character Shenhe became a disciple of Adeptus Cloud Retainer. As it turns out, she can handle the Cryo Element pretty well, especially when teamed up with the likes of Ganyu and Ayaka.

If you’re looking for a highly specialized Cryo Support, it’s time to spend some Primogems on the Version 2.4 Shenhe Wish Banner. Here’s everything you need to know about Cryo auntie, from her abilities to the best team compositions.

Shenhe Abilities

Shenhe is a Support and Sub DPS hybrid using a Polearm weapon. Her most important ability is her Elemental Skill (just spam this attack as much as you can), but remember that the Attack buff only works with Cryo. So if she casts her Elemental Skill and swaps with Eula, only Eula’s Cryo attacks will gain a buff and not her physical ones.

Much like her Elemental Skill, you can just use the Burst whenever it’s ready. This grants another Cryo boost which may increase with Passive Skill and Constellation upgrades. Don’t rely on this ability too much, as it has a very long 20-second cooldown and an Energy cost of 80.

Shenhe’s most important Passive Skill is Spirit Communion Seal which grants additional Attack buffs to all allies, regardless of their Element. It’s still better to combine her abilities with a strong Cryo DPS like Ayaka though, as she benefits from the Elemental Skill/Burst bonus and the Cryo buff at the same time.

Dawnstar Piercer (Normal Attack)

  • Normal Attacks: Performs up to five strikes with the Polearm.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes Stamina to dash forward, piercing through all enemies in range.
  • Plunging Attack: Deals AOE damage on impact.

Spring Spirit Summoning (Elemental Skill)

  • Press the Elemental Skill button to rush forward, dealing Cryo damage to opponents along the way.
  • Hold the Elemental Skill button to deal AOE Cryo damage to all surrounding opponents.
  • Using the Elemental Skill will always grant the Icy Quill effect to allies.
    • When any attack (Normal, Charged, Plunging, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst) deals Cryo damage to opponents, the damage dealt is increased based on Shenhe’s Attack.
  • The Icy Quill effect ends when the timer runs out or when a certain number of stacks is consumed.
    • The duration when pressing the Elemental Skill button is ten seconds. Holding it increases the duration to 15 seconds.
    • When pressed, Icy Quill gains five stacks. Holding grants seven stacks instead.
    • The stacks are consumed based on the number of opponents hit while under the Icy Quill effect. The effects and stacks are counted for every ally independently.

Divine Maiden’s Deliverance (Elemental Burst)

  • Unleashes the Talisman Spirit to deal AOE Cryo damage.
  • The Talisman Spirit then creates a field that decreases every opponent’s Physical and Cryo Resistance. It will also deal extra Cryo damage at regular intervals.

Deific Embrace (Passive 1) – Ascension 1

  • An active character within the Elemental Burst field gains an additional 10% Cryo damage bonus.

Spirit Communion Seal (Passive 2) – Ascension 4

  • After Shenhe uses her Elemental Skill, she grants all nearby party members the following effects:
    • When Pressing: Elemental Skill and Burst damage is increased by 15% for ten seconds.
    • When Holding: Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack damage is increased by 15% for 15 seconds.

Precise Comings and Goings (Passive 3) – Unlocked

  • Gain 25% additional rewards when exploring in Liyue for 20 hours (in the Adventurer’s Guild Exploration system).

Best Shenhe Build

Weapon Options

If you’re lucky enough to get the new 5-Star Calamity Queller Polearm, then you should definitely give it to Shenhe. Her Attack Power will increase rapidly while she’s off-field, allowing her Elemental Skill’s Attack bonus to become even stronger.

Vortex Vanquisher (if paired with a shield provider) and the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear are the best 5-Star alternatives, but you’ll have to land a few hits to increase Shenhe’s Attack Power before swapping to another Cryo DPS. If you’re not set on a full-Support Shenhe, this can work really well.

However, if you don’t wish to waste time on that, the 4-Star Lithic Spear’s permanent Attack increase is actually a better option. There’s a catch though: it only works if Shenhe’s allies are also from Liyue. To help you out: Cryo colleagues Chongyun, Ganyu, and Qiqi match this criteria. Don’t want to kick Ayaka? Then try another 4-Star Polearm with a passive Attack bonus, such as the Deathmatch.

Calamity Queller (5-Star) – Increases Attack Power and grants an Elemental damage bonus. Activates “Consummation” after using an Elemental Skill, increasing Attack by up to 6.4% per second (maximum of six stacks). When the Shenhe is off-field, the Attack increase is doubled.

Vortex Vanquisher (5-Star) – Increases Attack Power and shield strength. Landing hits increases Attack by up to 8% per stack, with a maximum of five stacks and a duration of eight seconds. While protected by a shield, this Attack bonus is increased by 100%.

Primordial Jade-Winged Spear (5-Star) – Increases Critical Rate as its secondary. Landing hits increases Attack Power by up to 6% for six seconds (maximum of seven stacks). While the maximum amount of stacks is active, damage dealt is increased by up to 24%.

Lithic Spear (4-Star) – Increases Attack as a secondary stat. Also grants a bonus of up to 11% Attack Power and 7% Critical Rate for every team member hailing from Liyue (up to four stacks).

Deathmatch (4-Star) – Increases Critical Rate. Also grants up to 32% Attack and Defense increase if at least two opponents are nearby. If it’s less than two, Attack and Defense are increased by 48% instead.

Best Shenhe Artifacts

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: you need a high Attack stat. You can therefore simply go with the Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence combo. It won’t take long to farm these sets.

If you’re not a fan of a fully Support-focused Shenhe though, you can try making her more of a Sub DPS instead. In that case, the best Artifact sets are the two-piece Noblesse Oblige (Burst DPS) or Blizzard Strayer (Cryo DPS).

As for Artifact stats, you can’t really go wrong if you use Attack on every slot (Sands, Circlet, and Goblet). Swap one of them for an Energy Recharge stat if you want to use your Burst more often. Since you’re not going to hit that many opponents (unless you go for a Sub DPS build), it’s best to just ignore Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

Gladiator’s Finale – (2) Increases Attack by 18%.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence – (2) Increases Attack by 18%.

Blizzard Strayer – (2) +15% Cryo damage bonus.

Noblesse Oblige – (2) Elemental Burst +20%

Best Team for Shenhe

Naturally, Shenhe needs Cryo DPS allies who can benefit from the Attack bonus. Ayaka or Ganyu are best, but Eula (who relies more on physical attacks) can be pretty good too. Note that a Bow character like Ganyu can use her Charged Attacks to deal Cryo damage, making you less reliant on Elemental Skills and Bursts.

On that note, Chongyun is a truly awesome teammate, as he can cast an AOE field that allows other characters’ Claymores, Swords, and Polearms to be infused with Cryo. It’s a great way to allow non-Cryo’s to benefit from Shenhe’s buffs.

Top Tier Team

  • Main DPS: Ayaka, Eula, Rosaria
  • Sub DPS: Ganyu, Aloy, Mona
  • Sub DPS/Support: Shenhe, Chongyun
  • Support: Kokomi, Diona, Qiqi

Budget Team

  • Main DPS: Aloy, Kaeya, Traveler
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling, Fischl
  • Sub DPS/Support: Shenhe, Chongyun
  • Support: Barbara, Diona

Talent Materials

  • Talent Level-Up Material: Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Prosperity
  • Common Ascension Material: Whopperflower/Shimmering/Energy Nectar
  • Weekly Material: Hellfire Butterfly

Shenhe Constellations

Constellation Level 2 strengthens Shenhe’s Cryo Support role, but none of the other upgrades will make a big difference. Mystical Abandon is only good if you have a Cryo DPS ally with a strong Normal/Charged Attack, and Insight only increases Shenhe’s own damage output.

If you have enough spare Primogems, it’s probably better to pull for the Calamity Queller Polearm on the Weapon Banner instead.

  • Level 1 – Clarity of Heart: The Elemental Skill can be used one more time.
  • Level 2 – Centered Spirit: The Elemental Burst effect latss for six seconds longer. Furthermore, active characters within the field gain +15% Cryo Critical Damage.
  • Level 3 – Seclusion: Increases the Elemental Skill level by three (maximum upgrade is 15).
  • Level 4 – Insight: If a character triggers the Icy Quill effect, Shenhe gains a stack of “Skyfrost Mantra” (up to 50 in total and lasting for one minute). If she uses her Elemental Skill, she consumes all stacks and increases the damage dealt by 5% for each Skyfrost Mantra stack.
  • Level 5 – Divine Attainment: Increases Elemental Burst level by three (maximum upgrade is 15).
  • Level 6 – Mystical Abandon: If characters trigger the Icy Quill effect using their Normal or Charged Attacks, no stacks are consumed.

Shenhe Ascension Information

These are all the materials needed to Ascend Shenhe:

  • 1st Ascension (Max Level 20) – 1 Shivada Jade Sliver, 3 Qingxin, 3 Whopperflower Nectar
  • 2nd Ascension (Max Level 40) – 3 Shivada Jade Fragments, 2 Dragonheir’s False Fin, 10 Qingxin, 15 Whopperflower Nectar
  • 3rd Ascension (Max Level 50) – 6 Shivada Jade Fragments, 4 Dragonheir’s False Fin, 20 Qingxin, 12 Shimmering Nectar
  • 4th Ascension (Max Level 60) – 3 Shivada Jade Chunks, 8 Dragonheir’s False Fin, 30 Qingxin, 18 Shimmering Nectar
  • 5th Ascension (Max Level 70) – 6 Shivada Jade Chunks, 12 Dragonheir’s False Fin, 45 Qingxin, 12 Energy Nectar
  • 6th Ascension (Max Level 80) – 6 Shivada Jade Gemstones, 20 Dragonheir’s False Fin, 60 Qingxin, 24 Energy Nectar

Do you think you’ve got the perfect icy team for Shenhe? Share your own build and team composition in the comments!