Genshin Impact Select a Twin Guide – Does Character Gender Matter?

One of the first thing’s you’ll do in Genshin Impact is choose whether to play as the male or female twin. You’re probably not alone in wondering if this decision actually matters though. With so many games locking certain decisions, like who you can romance, behind which gender you choose, we certainly don’t blame you for wanting to double check. Is this choice more than cosmetic though? Will it influence your game at all? We’ll explaining the Select a Twin prompt in the guide below.

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Are the Stats the Same?

Yes! They’re literally the same character stat wise. Your decision has no effect on your gameplay at all outside of appearance.

What Does it Effect?

This really only affects what your character looks like in cutscenes and whenever you’re playing them. Outside of that, your decision doesn’t matter at all. Just choose whatever you want!

Why the Choice Doesn’t Matter

Ultimately, we’d argue that the choice doesn’t matter in the slightest. Why? Because Genshin Impact is a gacha game. Not only are you allowed to change your character loadout, but it’s safe to say that the starting character will be one of the least used once you unlock more characters. This is likely only going to get accurate as time goes on and more and more heroes release.

Even at release there are 23 total playable characters each with their own elements and weapon selection. While you can stick with the starting twin, there’s likely some more powerful and exciting characters to obtain as you continue playing.

What’s a Gacha Game?

To put things simply, gacha games are titles where one of the main mechanics is summoning heroes or items via thinly veiled loot boxes. Think Granblue Fantasy and Fate/Grand Order. The genre is named as such after gachapon vending machines in Japan — the ones that dispense random toys in plastic capsules for collectors. Maybe you’ve seen the (often much chintzier) versions in U.S. supermarkets, or the Japanese originals in Barnes and Noble.

Gacha games normally release new heroes periodically. This incentivizes players to either drop money on new summons or spend their free in-game currency. The rate at which the best-rated characters drop is, usually, incredibly low… Many many have between just one and five percent chance to drop at a given rarity, with specific characters far lower than that. In Genshin Impact, drop rates are around half of a percent, so be ready to do lots of “pulls” and save up that currency so you can reach the pity timer.

And that’s everything you need to know about that decision in Genshin Impact. If you’ve managed to make that decision already, congratulations on beating the first boss in the game: the abysmal download speeds. We’re into what should be the final 30 minutes before we can finally dive in and start digging into the game’s mechanics.