Genshin Impact Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Guide – Best Stats, Characters

Make Noelle OP again.

Finally, a proper Artifact set for your Defense-based Geo characters! The Husk of Opulent Dreams is one of the two new Artifact sets arriving in Genshin Impact Version 2.3 (the other being the Ocean-Hued Clam), and it’s a very specific one. Before you start farming this new Artifact set, make sure you have the right characters to use it on. To help you get started, here’s everything you need to know about its stats, uses, and how it holds up compared to other sets. 

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Husk of Opulent Dreams Effects

These are the Husk of Opulent Dreams two and four-piece set effects:

  • Two-piece Set: Defense +30%. 
  • Four-piece Set: Gain one Curiosity stack when hitting an opponent with a Geo attack (can be triggered once per 0.3 seconds), or every three seconds while off-field. One Curiosity stack (up to a maximum of four) grants the following effects:
    • +6% Defense.
    • +6% Geo damage.
  • When six seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, one stack is lost.

How to Use Husk of Opulent Dreams

The two-piece Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifacts set is pretty simple and suitable for any Genshin Impact character relying on Defense. However, the four-piece set is a lot more complex.

First of all, only Geo characters can fully benefit from its effects. Furthermore, Curiosity stacks can only be gained through Geo damage, not by landing Normal/Charged Attacks that aren’t Geo-infused. Curiosity stacks can also be gained passively, but at a much slower rate. 

There’s quite a lot of online discussion on the Husk of Opulent Dreams’ off-field Curiosity stacks. Genshin Impact players have been wondering whether you still need to deal passive Geo damage. Judged by the way it’s phrased though, it seems that passive Curiosity stacks can be obtained even without off-field Geo hits.

If this is true, the wearer of this Artifact set can start combat with the maximum bonus active. The only way you can lose them is by being the active character, but not landing a Geo hit for over six seconds. If it turns out that passive stacks require Geo damage too, make sure your character is able to deal regular (and fast) Geo damage.

Best Husk of Opulent Dreams Main Stats

Of course, the main stats you’re looking for vary depending on character. However, as we’re talking about Geo- and Defense-based characters, you can’t really go wrong with the following Artifact stats:

  • Song of Life (Sands of Eon): Defense %.
  • Calabash of Awakening (Goblet of Eonothem): Geo damage bonus or Defense %.
  • Skeletal Hat (Circlet of Logos): Critical Damage (DPS characters like Itto), or Defense % (Noelle).

Best Characters for Husk of Opulent Dreams

There’s only one non-Geo character that might benefit from the two-piece Artifact set:

Xinyan – Her shield damage absorption scales with Defense. At Constellation level 6, Husk of Opulent Dreams becomes even more useful to her as her Charged Attacks gain an Attack bonus based on 50% of her max Defense.

The following characters are compatible with the full four-piece set:

Albedo – This Artifact set is absolutely perfect, as Albedo can deal constant Geo damage. This  allows him to maintain a full Curiosity stack with ease. Furthermore, his Elemental Skill damage scales with Defense. 

Noelle – Her shield damage absorption is based on Defense, her healing ability is based on Defense, and her Elemental Skill damage is based on Defense. Furthermore, Noelle’s Elemental Burst infuses her Claymore with Geo and deals extra based on her (you guessed it) Defense. 

Arataki Itto – Using his elemental Burst will infuse Itto’s Claymore with Geo. He also gains an attack bonus based on his Defense in this state. In other words, Husk of Opulent Dreams can greatly benefit his damage. Furthermore, Itto’s special Charged Attacks, the Arataki Kesagiri slashes, will gain a Defense-based bonus after unlocking the corresponding passive talent.

Gorou – The two-piece set is great for Gorou, but the four-piece is optional. Although Gorou’s Support abilities scale with his Defense, he’s not a Geo DPS. If his Energy Recharge is low, you should prioritize this over the four-piece Geo bonus. 

Husk of Opulent Dreams Compared to Other Artifacts

Husk of Opulent Dreams is not the first Defense-based Artifact set. However, the Lucky Dog set offers only flat Defense, and is therefore only suitable for new players. And although the Defender’s Will set offers the same 30% Defense bonus, increased Resistance is usually not an important stat.  

Still, Husk of Opulent Dreams can only be obtained by those with access to Inazuma. So if you’re looking for higher Defense stats, it’s a good idea to use a two-piece Defender’s Will set for the time being.

Compared to fellow Geo-set Archaic Petra, Husk of Opulent Dreams seems to be the stronger one. The four-piece Archaic Petra only grants an Elemental bonus to allies when the wearer first picks up the Crystal, which is quite a hassle. As for the Geo bonus; it only offers a 15% increase, while a four-piece Opulent Dreams would offer +24% Geo damage at max Curiosity, plus a lot of Defense. 

Finally, if it’s a choice between Husk of Opulent Dreams and Retracing Bolide, you need to look at scaling, the presence of a shield, and the character’s role. If we take Noelle as an example, Opulent Dreams is the best if you use her for the Elemental Burst. If she’s your main DPS (relying on non-Geo Normal and Charged Attacks) or just a shield provider, Retracing Bolide is better.

  • Lucky Dog (3-Star) – (2) Defenses increased by 100. (4) Picking up Mora restores 300 HP.
  • Defender’s Will (4-Star)  – (2) +30% Defense. (4) For each different element present in your team, the wearer’s Elemental Resistance to that corresponding Element is increased by 30%.
  • Archaic Petra (5-Star) – (2) Grants a 15% Geo damage bonus. (4) Upon obtaining an Elemental Shard created through a Crystallize Reaction, all allies gain a 35% damage bonus for that particular Element for a duration of ten seconds. Only one form of Elemental damage bonus can be gained in this way.
  • Retracing Bolide (5-Star) – (2) Shield strength increases by 35%. (4) While protected by a shield, the wearer gains a 40% Normal and Charged Attack damage bonus.

Where to Find Husk of Opulent Dreams

As mentioned before, this Artifact set is part of the Genshin Impact 2.3 update. You will be able to farm it in a new Artifact Domain on Seirai Island. As Seirai Island is located in Inazuma, you’ll have to unlock this region first. 

Do you want to get a full Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact set? Or would you rather use something else? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!