Genshin Impact Hangout Events Guide – Dating Sim, Does Gender Matter?

Dating sim? Dating sim!

It’s fun to go questing with your favorite Genshin Impact characters, but what are you supposed to do after you finish that? Most characters don’t feature heavily in the main campaign more than once. The highest rarity characters get their own story quests which you can undertake, but 4-Star characters have been left out to dry. At least, until now. With Patch 1.4, MiHoYo is introducing new Hangout Events which feature some of your favorite 4-Star characters. What are these hangouts? Who can I hangout with? How do these work? Are they like romances? In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know!

What Are Hangout Events?

MiHoYo describes Hangout Events as “choice-driven Story Quests.” Put simply, these are like visual novels or a Choose Your Own Adventure style system.

Each Hangout Event requires two story keys to unlock. Once you do so, however, you can replay the Hangout as many times as you’d like, searching for different endings.

During the Hangout, you’ll need to make choices between different dialogue options as the event progresses. Each character has a Heartbeat Value that you need to keep track of. Let the five hearts drop to zero, and your Hangout may end in failure.

All of the possible story points you can experience is tracked in a quest progression map so you can see where your decisions have changed things. You can even select specific nodes and jump to that point in the story. There’s no reason you have to start the entire Hangout over again each time. The game also provides a brief explanation of that point so you can jog your memory.

Genshin Impact Chongyun Date

Is This a Romance System?

Not in the traditional sense, no. These are “dates,” however, and they can go well or they can go poorly.

Does the Traveler’s Gender Matter?

It does not! Some players were worried that MiHoYo might change or lock certain Hangout Events based on which Traveler you selected at the start, but this has thankfully been debunked. We believe the stories will play out the exact same way regardless of which Traveler you’re playing as.

Who Has Hangout Events?

There will be four characters with hangout events at launch. It is worth noting that there is a requirement you must meet before you can unlock them. To start, you must be at least Adventure Rank 26 or above. You must also be far enough into the main quest to have completed the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

What Are the Rewards?

From what we understand there are rewards for each possible Hangout ending, but those haven’t been detailed yet. There are, however, rewards for collecting each Hangout Event. This includes Adventure EXP, Primogems, talent level up materials, character level up materials, EXP materials, and food.

If you don’t have the story keys to unlock one of these yet, don’t fret! The Hangout Events are not time limited and are permanent additions to Genshin Impact. They’ll be ready when you are.

How Do I Get Story Keys?

After reaching Adventure Rank 26, you’ll gain access to story keys. At that point you’ll earn one story key for every eight daily commissions you complete. That means you can, at most, earn one key every two days. Just make sure to claim them from your commissions tab and keep in mind that you can only hold three keys at once.

These items allow you to unlock one story quest assuming you meet the appropriate Adventure Rank requirements. As we mentioned before, these story quests are exclusive to 5-Star characters. Hangout Events are a new way to use story keys, though they’ll require two keys to unlock.