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Genshin Impact Guide Hub - Characters, Materials, Tier Lists, & More

For all your Paimonial needs.

Genshin Impact takes the grindiness or a gacha game and combines it with the open world access of a title like Breath of the Wild. Those two combined means there’s a whole heck of a lot to do and discover. Not all of it is explained to you either which is why we’ve been writing so many guides. From material farming, to character builds, and tips on specific missions, here are all of our Genshin Impact guides.

Character Guides

As new characters release we often give them guides so you can get an idea as to what their playstyle is and how to best build them!

Material Farming Guides

Each and every character requires a number of materials to level up. Don’t just hope you stumble upon them! We’ve got maps for each and recommendations for how to best farm them!

Hangout Guides

Working on the hangout events? We have a few of those guided to make things easier for you.

Boss Guides

Artifact Guides

Weapon Guides

We don’t frequently guide weapons as you can see, but we do have one for Elegy of the End!

Quest Guides

Stuck on a specific quest? Maybe we’ve whipped up a guide to help you through it.

Tier Lists

Looking for the best characters? Best weapons? Best teams?

Feature Guides

If you’re new to Genshin Impact, this is a great place to start as we explain the basic features of the title.

Event Guides

While these events have since ended, if they do come back, we have guides for their initial running!

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