Genshin Impact Gorou Hangout Guide – Unlock All Endings, Hidden Achievement

Save your furry friend from Yae Miko the bully.

Gorou, the famous General of the Watatsumi Resistance Army, gets his own Hangout Event in Genshin Impact 2.3. In case you’ve always wanted to know more about his personality, his time in the military, and his secret side hustles, you’re going to enjoy this dating sim. Let’s hope you’re not afraid of Yae Miko though.

Gorou’s Hangout, “The Canine General’s Special Operations,” has quite a large variety of endings. Some are really cheerful, others are quite sad (but all are quite rewarding, of course). Whether you’re missing a single ending or you’re looking for a quick way to complete them all in one go, here’s a full step-by-step guide.

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Gorou Hangout Requirements

Gourou’s Hangout Event has more requirements than usual. The cost is still the same (two Story Keys, obtained by completing Daily Commissions), but you need to be Adventure Rank 40 or higher. 

Furthermore, you need to have completed the full Inazuma main questline (all the way through Omnipresence Over Mortals), as well as Sangonimiya Kokomi’s Story Quest. The latter, called the Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter, will also cost you a Story Key to unlock.

How to Get All Gorou Hangout Endings

Gorou’s Hangout Event has five possible outcomes. If you need some help, or you simply want to get your rewards as quickly as possible, you can follow the steps below. And if you’re just looking for the good endings (meaning a happy Traveler and a happy Gorou), we’ll cover that too.

Note that not every dialogue option is included. If it doesn’t change the outcome, we’ll leave it out (in which case, just go with whatever answer appeals to you). 

Your date with General Gorou starts in Inazuma city. Fast travel to the northern Teleport Waypoint, then go down the stairs to meet up with him and Yae Miko. After listening to Yae’s teasing for a while, she’ll leave you two alone. From this point onwards, pay attention to your choices.

Gorou Hangout Ending 1 “Tactical Retreat” – Bad

  1. While discussing Yae Miko, say you’ll help Gorou overcome his weakness.
  2. Suggest to do some theoretical study.
  3. Go to Watatsumi Island and speak with the NPC’s.
  4. Go back to Inazuma City and talk to the editor.
  5. Go to the Grand Sakura Shrine and draw a fortune slip. 
    • There’s a hidden achievement here. If you draw all four fortune slips, you’ll unlock ‘Changing Times.’ This will get you five Primogems (Achievement menu). 
    • If you want to do this, you need to repeat this section three more times. You can tell which fortune slips you’ve already pulled thanks to the green mark.
  6. Confront Yae Miko.

Gorou Hangout Ending 2 “Deserts Are the Best!” – Good

  1. While discussing Yae Miko, say you’ll help Gorou overcome his weakness.
  2. Say you can act like a personality that Gorou may find difficult dealing with.
  3. Teleport to Ritou and talk to Gorou.
  4. Teleport to Byakko Plain. After speaking to Gorou again, some Fatui will appear and attack you.
    • Make sure your team is prepared to face the following enemies: a Geo Fatui, Pyro Fatui, and an Electro Cicin Mage in the first wave, and an Anemo Vanguard accompanied by two more Geo Fatui in the second wave.
    • Gorou himself is available as a trial character during this fight. He’s level 88, Constellation level 3, and equipped with a maximum Ascended Favonius Warbow. He will also have a max level Noblesse Oblige Artifact set. In other words, it’s a good idea to use him.
  5. Return to Inazuma City and have some cake.

Gorou Hangout Ending 3 “That’s, Uh…” – Neutral

  1. While discussing Yae Miko, suggest to just ignore her.
  2. When Gorou continues talking about Yae, add that she’s not all bad.
  3. When Gorou says he needs to answer his letters, say you’ll go keep watch at the Yae Publishing House.
  4. Talk to the NPC’s to obtain the mysterious flyer, then go talk to Gorou again.

Gorou Hangout Ending 4 “The Smiling Send-Off” – Good

  1. While discussing Yae Miko, suggest to just ignore her.
  2. When Gorou continues talking about Yae, add that she’s not all bad.
  3. When Gorou says he needs to answer his letters, tell him you want to stay and keep him company.
  4. Help Gorou answer the letters (just choose the answers you like).
  5. Go to Watatsumi Island and meet with the soldiers.

Gorou Hangout Ending 5 “Final Remembrance” – Bad

  1. While discussing Yae Miko, suggest to just ignore her.
  2. Advice Gorou to steer clear of the Yae Publishing House for now.
  3. Talk to Katheryne from the Adventurer’s Guild.
  4. You’ll see the next location marker in the southern part of Inazuma city. Although it appears to be on a roof, it’s actually far below the city. To get there, glide down to the beach west of the city. You’ll see a large cave entrance here. 
  5. Go inside and defeat the Treasure Hoarders. You don’t get to use Gorou during this fight, but it’s a fairly easy one (no elite enemies). 
  6. Visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma City again, then fast travel to Watatsumi Island. The fastest way is to use the Teleport Waypoint southwest of Bourou Village, and then use your glider to go to the east.
  7. Chat with Gorou.

How do feel about Gorou’s Hangout Event? Tell us about your favorite endings in the comment section below!

What Are Hangout Events?

MiHoYo describes Hangout Events as “choice-driven Story Quests.” Put simply, these are like visual novels or a Choose Your Own Adventure style system.

Each Hangout Event requires two story keys to unlock. Once you do so, however, you can replay the Hangout as many times as you’d like, searching for different endings.

During the Hangout, you’ll need to make choices between different dialogue options as the event progresses. Each character has a Heartbeat Value that you need to keep track of. Let the five hearts drop to zero, and your Hangout may end in failure.

All of the possible story points you can experience is tracked in a quest progression map so you can see where your decisions have changed things. You can even select specific nodes and jump to that point in the story. There’s no reason you have to start the entire Hangout over again each time. The game also provides a brief explanation of that point so you can jog your memory.

Is This a Romance System?

Not in the traditional sense, no. These are “dates,” however, and they can go well or they can go poorly.

Does the Traveler’s Gender Matter?

It does not! Some players were worried that MiHoYo might change or lock certain Hangout Events based on which Traveler you selected at the start, but this has thankfully been debunked. The stories will play out the exact same way regardless of which Traveler you’re playing as.

How Do I Get Story Keys?

After reaching Adventure Rank 26, you’ll gain access to story keys. At that point you’ll earn one story key for every eight daily commissions you complete. That means you can, at most, earn one key every two days. Just make sure to claim them from your commissions tab and keep in mind that you can only hold three keys at once.

These items allow you to unlock one story quest assuming you meet the appropriate Adventure Rank requirements. As we mentioned before, these story quests are exclusive to 5-Star characters. Hangout Events are a new way to use story keys, though they’ll require two keys to unlock.


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