Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Guide – Tips, Locations, Rewards

The latest Genshin Impact event is here! Tasked with showing off your gliding skills, you’ll need to travel around Teyvat and complete challenges of speed and accuracy. As of publishing, four of these challenges are already available with three more releasing over the next few days. You have just six more days until the event ends and the rewards vanish forever, so get gliding!

How to Start the Gliding Challenge

To begin the series of challenges, go to your events tab and find the Gliding Challenge page. There should be a button that reads “Go to Challenge.” If it does, click this! If it doesn’t click into the “Quest Details” page and then click “Go to Challenge” on the first event! You need to be Adventure Rank 20 to partake in this event. If you meet that requirement, just talk to Hughes and he’ll get you started.

Unique Features

Unlike the base game, Gliding Challenges feature a unique Ascend skill which gives your character a sudden burst of upwards momentum.

You can also collect blue particles as your fly around. These charge up your sprint ability which you activate by right clicking. These bursts of speed seem superfluous, but they’re tremendously useful when your lacking speed or need just a little more juice to collect that last coin before hitting another boost ring.


Each of the seven challenges features similar rewards with the goal points always remaining at 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 points for bronze, silver, and gold, respectively. Thankfully, the really important reward, our beloved Primogems, only require a bronze medal.

  • Bronze Rewards: 60 Primogems
  • Silver Rewards: 30,000 Mora, 2 Talent Level-Up Material (Changes depending on challenge)
  • Gold Rewards: 30,000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit


To help you hit those crucial 30,000 points, here are some tips:

  • You can only store two sprint charges at one time, use them before you pick up more particles!
  • The upward burst should be used sparingly as it kills your forward momentum.
  • That being said, don’t be afraid to use it to collect a coin you’re too far below.
  • Remember you can deactivate your glider using the space bar, this is particularly useful when you need only a small boost from the Ascend skill.
  • You can also deactivate your glider to get down to the ground at the end of the course faster.
  • You do not need all five coins to get a gold medal. If you’re time is fast enough, it will make up for only four coins.

Glide Challenge Locations

You can just click “Go to Challenge” to have the game show you exactly where you need to go on the map, but if you’re looking for a quick reference, here’s where they all are.

  • Birds in the Breeze – Next to Luhua Pool, south of the Qiongji Estuary waypoint and northwest of the Sea of Clouds Statue of the Seven.
  • Spread Your Wings – Just under the Minlin waypoint on Mt. Aozang in the Huaguang Stone Forest.
  • Fly With the Wind – Between Springvale and Windrise!
  • Wind Barriers – North of the Cuijue Slope label, just west of the Minlin teleport waypoint.
  • ??? – Coming soon.
  • ??? – Coming soon.
  • ??? – Coming soon.