Genshin Impact Eula Banner: Should You Pull on Born of Ocean Swell?

Can Eula make up for the lackluster 4-Star characters on this banner?

The long awaited event of Genshin Impact Patch 1.5 is here: Eula’s Born of Ocean Swell banner. She looks cool, she performs somersaults while attacking, and she’s a 5-star. But don’t start spending your Primogems just yet! At least not before reading our Should You Pull guide which runs down everything you need to know about the banner and the characters in it first.

It takes a lot of Wishes to pull a 5-star character. The only way you’re guaranteed to get Eula is if you haven’t received a 5-star character in your previous 89 Wishes (in which case you’ll hit the pity timer and get one guaranteed). We therefore need to determine whether Eula is worth the cost. As you’re likely to get a lot of 4-stars before pulling Eula, it’s also important that the other three focused characters on the banner are good as well.

The Born of Ocean Swell banner starts on the 18th of May and ends on June 8. Let’s see if this Eula banner is worth our Wishes!

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Born of Ocean Swell Banner: Eula

Let’s start with this banner’s main prize: the 5-star Cryo character Eula. Unlike the previous banner featuring Zhongli, Eula is brand-new to the game. Even without playing her yet, we can tell from the demos and skill descriptions that Eula great potential as a primary DPS.

Eula has high base attack power, pretty good base health, and a surprisingly high attack speed for a Claymore user. Her Elemental Skill, Icetide Vortex, has two interchangeable variations: pressing it will deal quick Cryo damage and gain Grimheart, which increases Eula’s defense and resistance to interruption. Holding Icetide Vortex will perform a Cryo AoE attack and consume all stacks of Grimheart. Doing so will decrease the physical and Cryo resistance of nearby enemies and deal extra Cryo damage.

Eula’s Elemental Burst deals Cryo damage to all surrounding opponents and leaves a Lightfall Sword behind. As you continue to do what you want the sword charges up over a short period of time. When the timer runs out, the sword explodes and deals physical damage to all nearby enemies. Note that the Lightfall Sword can’t be transferred to another character. If Eula leaves combat, it will explode immediately.

Should You Pull for Eula?

Based on that, Eula will definitely be worth pulling if you’re looking for a five-star main DPS. Do keep in mind that she will need to be on the battlefield a lot. She’s less suitable for the sub-DPS role. While she’s excellent next to a character like Mona, you might want to skip this banner if you already have a Diluc or a Ganyu carrying your main team.

Eula doesn’t require Constellation upgrades to be good. However, the first Constellation upgrade gives her a nice physical damage bonus after consuming Grimheart, so you might want to try for an additional Eula if you have enough Wishes.

So, while Eula herself is worth the effort, let’s take a look at her colleagues on the Born of Ocean Swell banner.

Born of Ocean Swell Banner: Xingqiu

Xingqiu is a great 4-star character to level and ascend. His strong support abilities summon his Rain Swords which reduce damage taken and heal allies. Xingqiu can also be used to apply the Wet condition. His place on the Born of Ocean Swell banner makes sense, as he’s an excellent fit for a Eula-led team.

When it come to Constellations Xingqiu doesn’t need many upgrades to fulfill his purpose. The most useful ones are the first two, increasing the number of Rain Swords and decreasing opponents’ resistance to Hydro. If you have enough Wishes to spare and you just want him to be as strong as possible, this is not a problem. He really does reach another level once he has all six unlocked. But if you don’t have a lot of Wishes, you can get a strong Xingqiu support at zero Constellations and save the rest of you Wishes to get other characters from future banners.

Born of Ocean Swell Banner: Xinyan

This Claymore-wielding Rockstar is not a bad character. In fact, she’s a good physical damage dealer who is perfectly suited for the role of early-game main DPS. She’s often seen as the light version of Diluc or the Pyro alternative to fellow 4-star Razor. However, Razor is usually considered the better 4-star main DPS because he can be built for maximum damage while Xinyan is more defensive. Her defense is converted to attack power at Constellation level six, but you’ll likely get far better DPS characters before reaching that.

Furthermore, Xinyan is not the best option for Pyro damage and Pyro Elemental Reactions. Hopefully those of you who wanted a great 4-star Pyro were able to pull Yanfei in the previous banner. The same goes for Xinyan’s shielding ability; it’s useful, but the previous banner was full of characters with much stronger shields.

Born of Ocean Swell Banner: Beidou

Beidou is the third Claymore character on the Born of Ocean Swell banner and she’s by no means the best. The main issue is she needs to spend a lot of active time in combat. If you’re lucky enough to pull Eula, Beidou won’t be super useful. In that sense, it would have been better if a 4-star Electro specialist like Fischl got featured on the Born of Ocean Swell banner instead.

As a main DPS, Beidou is quickly abandoned in favor of a 5-star damage dealer, Razor, or even Xinyan. Her damage-absorbing shield requires a strong build, making her less suited for new players, and her Elemental Burst has a high energy cost. She’ll get a lot better upon reaching Constellation level four, but as we’ve emphasized time and again, you can’t really count on getting that many copies of the same character.

Born of Ocean Swell: Worth Your Wishes or Not?

If you have a strong dislike for Claymores, the answer is no. But in all seriousness, the Born of Ocean Swell banner isn’t particularly fantastic. While a Eula pull is more than welcome to most players, the featured 4-stars don’t feel worth it.

This is all the more true if we compare this banner to previous ones. Gentry of Hermitage featured two 4-star supports and a Pyro Elemental specialist. Farewell of Snezhnaya had a 4-star Electro specialist and a strong 4-star healer. If you go back to Ballad in Goblets, we were treated to Genshin Impact’s strongest 4-star DPS and the game’s only 4-star Anemo support. Unlike these, Born of Ocean Swell features two 4-star, replaceable main DPS characters and one good support.

There are basically two types of players who will want to pull the Born of Ocean Swell banner: brand-new folks looking for a temporary 4-star DPS (even Xingqiu can fulfill that role at the start, and then be converted to support later on) or late-game players who can afford to use Primogems simply to get Eula. Every other player is advised to hold on to their Wishes until the next banner.


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  1. I pulled for starglitter so I could pick up Bennett, whom I was 2 glitter away from buying in the shop. I got Beidou (who I didn’t have yet), and after 10 more pulls, The Widsith. Got my glitter, came out of the banner with two new characters, and I was wholly satisfied with the result. Eula seems nice, but I don’t need more copies of the 4* characters on her banner and I’d rather wait for more enticing 5*s.

  2. She looks so cool & beautiful but sadly she doesn’t fit into any of my teams so I’m going to skip her. Especially since Rosaria is fulfilling my Cryo physical DPS role. Maybe in the future they will buff the Shatter mechanic.

    Very helpful banner review thanks.

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