Genshin Impact DPS Character Tier List for Patch 1.3 (March 2021)

Fanbyte has tackled Genshin Impact in the form of a tier list before. We’re going to do things a little differently this time, however. It’s not entirely fair to just lump every character into a single tier list when they fill such vastly different roles. You have your main damage-per-second (DPS) characters, secondary or sub-DPS characters, and those that fall into the utility, support, or healing role. As a result, we’ve decided to split these up into their own respective tier lists so you can easily see which characters are the best in each role.

In this guide, we’ll be ranking all of the characters you want to consider for your primary DPS role in Genshin Impact. We will also mention when certain characters rank well, but are highly dependent on their constellation. Some like Xingqiu really do need as many of those constellations activated as possible which isn’t easy to do without a ton of summons.

It should be obvious, but this tier list is my own opinion. I don’t claim to be the one true voice of the entire Genshin Impact community. 

Genshin Impact DPS Characters Tier List

When building your own Genshin Impact team, keep in mind that you can really do whatever you want. There’s no reason you have to run what’s meta. The current accepted team composition in Genshin, however, is a primary and secondary DPS which share the same element. Two Cryo users, for example. The sub-DPS, used only for abilities, is a different element used for things like vaporize or melt. The utility or support character can basically be anything you want, but unless you’re trying to overload on one element, we recommend it isn’t of the same element as your primary duo.

S-Tier DPS Characters

The best of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Some may shine a bit brighter than the rest, but all of these are incredibly good choices for your main character.

Character Type Reasoning
Ganyu Cryo Bow
Ganyu has the best charge shot out of every bow user in the game with each level two charge shot doing what is effectively two attacks. As a bonus, the second one is also an AOE, letting her charge shot multiple enemies at once. Combined with the crowd control from her ultimate, Ganyu is easily the best character in all of Genshin Impact right now.
Diluc Pyro Claymore Diluc is great because he can combo his attacks alongside his basic ability. Oftentimes his cooldown is over by the time you’ve finished your attack combo.
Klee Pyro Catalyst Klee is ranked just slightly lower than Diluc because she’s more reliant on stamina. Her charged attack is her main means of dealing lots of damage.
Xiao Anemo Polearm Xiao is incredibly hard for enemies to track down which is certainly a plus if you build him for critical damage.
Hu Tao Pyro Polearm Our ranking of Hu Tao is provisional for the time being, but she’s definitely a main DPS character as she’s reliant on her physical attacks. Currently she looks like another option for folks who want to run Pyro DPS.

A-Tier DPS Characters

If you’re just getting started or have limited options, these DPS characters are still good enough to carry you through the game with the right team composition.

Character Type Reasoning
Ningguang Geo Catalyst
As someone currently running Ningguang, I can promise you she’s a legitimately great DPS character. I’m just broke and don’t have the shiniest 5-Star friends. She also does just fine with zero constellations which is a huge bonus!
Tartaglia Hydro Bow Tartaglia is one of those characters that’s really, really good at dealing with groups of enemies. He’s a bit lacking in single target DPS compared to the S-Tier characters, however, which is why he drops down here.
Keqing Electro Sword Keqing is pretty much the only Electro based character you want to be running as your main DPS. She slots into physical builds as well.
Kaeya Cryo Sword If you’re running a comp with two Cryo characters and just want to freeze every enemy on the planet, Kaeya is your best choice assuming you don’t have Ganyu.

B-Tier DPS Characters

These characters will get you by and they’re okay in the right team compositions, but unless you know what you’re doing, you likely don’t want them as your main DPS.

Character Type Reasoning
Razor Electro Claymore
A lot of folks used to use Razor quite frequently, and while he’s okay at single target DPS, he can’t effectively deal with large groups of foes.
Bennett Pyro Sword
Bennett is also great at single target DPS. A lot of other tier lists rank Bennett higher and while it is true he can be a main DPS, he’s a much better secondary or sub-DPS.

C-Tier DPS Characters

Lackluster characters who are incredibly niche or just bad.

Character Type Reasoning
Beidou Electro Claymore
Beidou has her roles, but they’re primarily in a situational sub-DPS team or a group focused on physical damage.
Xinyan Pyro Claymore
Xinyan is just lackluster. Even though this is an attack based role, her ability cooldowns are abysmal. Her kit just isn’t cut out to compete.


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