Genshin Impact Collection of Dragons and Snakes Guide – Lost Book Locations, Maze Puzzle

Help out the local (and somewhat ghostly) librarian in Enkanomiya.

Collection of Dragons and Snakes is one of the hardest World Quests in Enkanomiya. Why? Because you need to collect five lost books with only a few vague hints. And as if that’s not enough, you also need to solve the infamous maze puzzle along the way. No worries though; here’s a quest guide to make your Genshin Impact life a whole lot easier. Just check which of the five books you’re still missing, and follow the steps below.

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Map showing location of Genshin Impact Dragons and Snakes quest

How to Start Collection of Dragons and Snakes

If you haven’t actually found the quest yet, you need to go to the library in The Narrows. You’ve been here when you first visited Enkanomiya, but take a look at the picture [picture 2] if you don’t remember the location (entrance is on the stone square to the south). Make sure you’ve turned on Evernight, so you can see the ghost of Ema. He’ll tell you that he’s the librarian, and has lost five books. Guess who gets to collect them?

If you speak to Ema again, you can ask for more information on each missing book. That’s all we get though; a hint, but no location marker on the map. If you don’t feel like running around Enkanomiya for too long, here’s how to collect the five lost books quickly.

Before Sun and Moon (Antigonus Quest)

Ema tells us that this book was stolen and the culprits ended up in the hanging prison beneath Dainichi Mikoshi.

You need to teleport to the southernmost Waypoint in Dainichi Mikoshi. Run to the northwest, make sure it’s Evernight, and jump off the cliffs. You will see an open room with two ghosts and the suspects a little further below you. Talking to them will start the World Quest Antigonus.

Next, teleport to the island south of The Serpent’s Heart. You need to speak to the ghost named Antei, who is directly north of the Teleport Waypoint (at the edge of the island, lower ground). He’ll get you the Ruin Machine Core. Use it to activate the Ruin Guard further south, and then defeat it. After that’s done, pick up the lost book.

the correct layout for the Genshin Impact Dragons and Snakes maze puzzle

Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku (Date’s Challenge)

According to Ema, this book has been taken by some rich kid who wanted to build an anti-Bathysmal Vishap defense mechanism. Or a maze.

Teleport to the northeastern Waypoint on Evernight Temple, where you’ll see the ruins of a large labyrinth. If it’s Evernight (there’s a switch a little further east, on the lower ridge), you can see the maze’s form. There are also two triangular mechanisms on the lower ridge that you can use to turn the maze’s layout, helping you reach the center.

If that sounds a bit complicated, just do this:

  • Turn on Whitenight.
  • Hit the two triangular mechanisms once. The layout should look the same as in the picture displayed above.
  • Turn on Evernight and enter the maze (don’t try to glide directly to the middle, there’s a barrier).
  • Use a Hydro character to activate the four Hydro mechanisms, opening the cage door in the middle of the maze. Check out the Luxurious Chest to obtain Date’s Medal of Recognition. Then speak to the nearby ghost of Dateto start the Date’s Challenge World Quest.

Next, you need to teleport to the location indicator in Serpent’s Heart and open the floor grate with Date’s Key. Below ground, you’ll find another big puzzle. Use the two levers to move the grate doors and two triangular mechanisms to move the stone walls towards them.

  • Switch to Whitenight (there’s a mechanism on the other side of the room).
  • Use the lever on the southside of the room, on the stone pillar. Then hit the triangular mechanism in the east twice, and use the same lever again.
  • Now, use the lever in the northern part of the room, then hit the triangular mechanism in the west twice. Use the lever again.
  • Finally, hit the triangular mechanism in the east one more time, then switch back to Evernight.

All there’s left to do is talk to Date, obtain the second medal, and open the door to his Secret Room (also below the maze). Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku is inside the chest.

The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku

Ema says this one has been borrowed by a guy from Narukami Island who wanted to turn it into a novel. To collect this book, we simply need to travel to the northernmost Teleport Waypoint in Inazuma City. From there, go down the large staircase until you see Kuroda, Editor of the Yae Publishing House.

One of the books he’s selling is The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku. Buy it for 1500 Mora and you’re done. Nice and easy.

Genshin impact in the light beneath the shadow

In the Light, Beneath the Shadow

This book is full of guessing games. The only other piece of information Ema gives us is that it was borrowed by an ordinary citizen.

Start by teleporting to the middle of Dainichi Mikoshi, and then walk to your right to the south. Three levels lower, you’ll see a sleeping Ruin Guard sitting next to a stone wall with some Pyro bombs stacked against it. Defeat the guard and let the wall explode. Then take the following steps to solve the puzzle:

  • Make sure it’s Evernight (there’s a switching mechanism just southwest of this location). After stepping through the opening in the wall, hit the glowing device on your right.
  • Switch to Whitenight. Then hit the remaining device inside.
  • Switch to Evernight again and you’ll find a treasure chest with some ruins behind it on the wall.
  • Climb the wall and click investigate. You’ll see pictures of Seals, each with their own number.
  • Go back to the mysterious circle in the northwestern corner of Serpent’s Heart (you’ve already used it during the Enkanomiya introductory quests). Starting from the middle of the circle, touch the Seals in the correct order as seen in the picture above.

Doing all this will spawn a chest which, you guessed it, contains In the Light, Beneath the Shadow.

genshin impact experimental records location

Experimental Records

Technically, we’re talking about records here, not a book. The Experimental Records have been taken by researchers, and Ema hints that they may be in a hidden part of the Enkanomiya map.

This invisible area is in the north of Enkanomiya. To reach it, you first need to glide over to the smaller island north of Dainichi Mikoshi. Take the Phase Gate in the northwestern corner, which will fly you to the Vishap Research Lab.

Follow the path until you reach the square. Activate the Cryo, Hydro, and Electro mechanisms, and the cage doors will open. Find the Experimental Records inside.

How to Complete the Collection of Dragons and Snakes Quest

Now that you’ve found all five books, head back to Ema in the library. Talk to him, then return the five books to the mysterious mirror that appears in the corner of the library. If you go through, you’ll find a new Key Sigil and a Luxurious Chest.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully completed Collection of Dragons and Snakes. Did you manage to find all five lost books? Share your thoughts on this World Quest in the comments!


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