Genshin Impact Calla Lily Guide – Flower Location & Uses

Running out of Calla Lily and need to find more? If you’re experienced with Genshin Impact, chances are you already know exactly why you’re looking for Calla Lily. For those of you who don’t, it’s one of the many materials you need to collect in order to make your characters stronger and stronger. In this particular case, these flowers are crucial for getting the most power out of both Diona and Kaeya. Here’s where to find Calla Lily and what items it’s currently used for.

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Where to Find the Calla Lily

If you’re looking to farm Calla Lily there are a few key locations to visit. There are a whole hell of a lot by Springvale Lake, so make that your first stop. It’s easily the densest gathering of flowers in the entire game. There are also a few scattered clusters around Starfell Lake and the ponds in the surrounding mountains. If you’re really hurting, you can also grab a handful in Dadaupa Gorge’s pools and the shores of Cider Lake across from Mondstadt.

You can also purchase Calla Lilies from Flora in Mondstadt. She keeps five stocked and each will set you back 1,000 Mora.

Remember, the nodes will refresh around every two to three real-world days. Because of this, I recommend hitting both areas. This will maximize your farm, reducing the amount of time spent waiting for them to respawn.

I give all the credit in the world to those behind this superb interactive Genshin Impact map below.


Calla Lily Uses

At the time of publishing, Calla Lily is consumed during the character ascension of Diona and Kaeya, both four star heroes. It is also used in two crafting recipes: A Prize Catch and Calla Lily Seafood Soup. The former is exclusive to cooking with Tartaglia and it has a chance of dropping whenever he crafts a Calla Lily Seafood Soup. The latter can be obtained from Sara in Mondstadt after reaching Adventure Rank 30.

It takes 168 Calla Lily to reach Ascension 6 for a single character, so I recommend you start farming early. Even if you don’t have either Kaeya or Diona right now, there’s always a chance you could pick her up later down the road. All in all, you’ll need more than 300 Calla Lily to max out just those two characters.

While we don’t yet have a guide for Kaeya, stay tuned! We’re always working on our Genshin Impact coverage and will have much more to come in the coming weeks and months! We do, however, have a primer on Diona! You can read that here.

Have your own farming tips such as character recommendations or optimal routes? Make sure to share them in the comments below for other players!

Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 Info

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