Genshin Impact: And This Treasure Goes to… Quest Guide

Genshin Impact’s “And This Treasure Goes to…” quest is one of the many treasure hunts you will encounter in Teyvat. It is well worth your time, because it awards you with Adventure Rank experience, Primogems, character Level-Up Materials, and Mora. On top of that, you will get to open a Luxurious Chest for additional rewards.

Unfortunately, this quest can be difficult to complete without help. You need to go to a rather remote area to start it, and then you need to know exactly where to look if you want to find the Luxurious Chest. There is no location marker for the second part, which makes it easy to lose track. Here’s a walkthrough to help you out!

How to Start the Quest

You can find this quest in the Liyue region. Open up your map and look for a place called Lingju Pass to the west of Liyue Harbor. You can choose to start the quest by going to an abandoned campsite near the lake, or you can skip ahead and go directly to the next part of the quest (in that case, skip the next paragraph).

If you want to experience the full story, travel to the Teleport Waypoint east of the Lingju Pass lake. Looking down, you will see the campsite on the cliff below just like you do in the picture. There are three items to search here. Once you have investigated all three, you will discover that the person who used this camp has gone missing. You will be directed to the area west of the lake where the NPC, called Alrani, is held captive.

Free Alrani

To find and save Alrani, you need to be in the location indicated in the picture. If you skipped searching the campsite, the quest will be activated automatically when you reach this place.

You will encounter a bunch of treasure hoarders on the stone platform, guarding a cage with Alrani locked inside. Defeat all the Treasure Hoarders as you normally would, and a common chest will appear on the platform. Open it to get the Treasure Hoarder’s Key, then use it to free Alrani.

Go to the Giant Golden Tree

Now, you need to talk with the NPC. To thank you for your help, Alrani will tell you the location of the treasure she was searching for. This is where many players get lost, as Alrani’s only hint is that the treasure is underneath a giant golden tree. The tree itself is not difficult to find; just look at the big lake and you will spot it in the middle. However, there is no location marker to pinpoint you towards the treasure.

Where to Find the Treasure

The first step is to glide down and land next to the tree. You may encounter a Hilichurl guarding a Geo pillar, but you can avoid him by landing on the southern part of the isle if you don’t want to engage in combat. Don’t worry too much about that though; if you just successfully defeated the Treasure Hoarders, this Hilichurl will be an easy victim.

To find the treasure, walk around the giant golden tree while looking at the grass. See the empty spot? This is where you need to dig. A Luxurious Chest will pop up. Congratulations, you have found your treasure!

Opening the chest will grant you some treasure rewards in the form of Mora and level up materials. You will also automatically complete the And This Treasure Goes to… quest and collect Adventure Rank experience as well as Primogems.

Keep in mind that this quest is part of a larger hidden quest called Nameless Treasure. If you want to know how to complete this questline, find our guide here.