Gears 5 Escape Mode Guide – Tips & Tricks for How to Succeed

Survive the Swarm with our Gears 5 tips to Escape Mode!

Who wants toast? Well tough; we don’t have any. What we do have is a Gears 5 Escape Mode guide. This new addition to the series offers a unique spin on the classic Horde Mode. Instead of sitting in one spot and waiting for the Swarm to come to us, why don’t we just raid their nest? That way we can set off a bio-weapon that destroys their stinking hives from the inside out. Yeah, that sounds fun. Let’s get started with our Gears 5 Escape Mode tips and tricks.

Escape Mode doesn’t function like any other mode in Gears 5, so you need to learn the ins and outs of this exciting new addition if you want to make it out alive. Here are our best tips after our time with Escape. Get ready Hivebusters; we’re going in!

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Gears 5 Escape Tips

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I know… It’s such a cliché, but it’s true. Teamwork is key if you want to survive the Gears 5 Escape Mode. The randomly generated nature of enemy encounters means you never know what’s around the next corner. Being able to communicate and coordinate your efforts is key.

Unlike Horde and Versus, which both use five-player teams, the new Escape Mode is a three-player game type. Your best bet is to find two buddies that you know and trust to enter the hive with. If you can’t find a full team, you can instead try to tackle Escape with random players. In this case, make sure to use the emote system to communicate if they (or you) aren’t on the mic.

Once you have your team assembled: stick together. Getting downed isn’t a huge deal if you have someone to pick you up, but getting dropped behind enemy lines, miles away from backup, is likely to be the end of you. If someone does die, you can revive them further down the road by finding their Swarm pod and releasing them. However, your team will be short staffed until then. Don’t rely on this rescue feature.

Skills for Kills Gears… Skills for Kills

Gears veterans may be tempted to throw themselves in at the deep end and move up to Master difficulty as soon as possible. That’s not a great idea. You’re only going to hamstring yourself and slow your own progress. Escape characters can be leveled up, unlocking more upgrade cards and slots which allow you to stack some serious buffs.

As you level up, you unlock new ability cards. Once you unlock an ability, you can then earn duplicates of that ability card by completing Escape runs (you trade in duplicates to upgrade the ability). Harder difficulties offer chances at unlocking rarer cards, but you’re best off starting small. That way you can grind out some green rarity cards and upgrade your skills before you enter the big leagues.

When you level up your characters and unlock higher rarity abilities, then you should consider tackling harder levels. Just don’t try to roadie run before you can walk.

Gears 5 Escape Tips

Different Horses for Different Courses

Each Escape character in Gears 5 has their own unique set of skills that tailor them to a specific type of gameplay. They also have super abilities which you can activate after a cooldown. For example, Keegan is a support character whose skills buff nearby teammates and increase the potency of his own super: a team-wide resupply of ammunition. On the flip side, Lahni is a scout who specializes in pushing at her foes aggressively. As a result, her abilities focus on increasing her melee damage, while her ultimate ability is a super-powered Electroblade attack. She uses it to quickly swing at multiple foes, chaining lightning as she goes.

It’s important to pick the right character for you and use your strengths to benefit the whole team. Your tank should be taking the brunt of enemy fire, not cowering at the back. Your scout should be getting all up in the Swarm’s grill, not sniping from a distance. Using the right characters and making the most of their abilities is vital to Escape mode success.

Gears 5 Escape Tips

Don’t Double Up on Guns

Ammo is scarce in Escape — especially on the higher difficulties. These come with a modifier that reduces ammo drops from enemies. To take full advantage of your firepower, try to use different weapons from your teammates. That way you won’t be competing for ammo drops and instead maximize the number of rounds you can scavenge from foes after each encounter.

While anyone can use any gun, some characters are more comfortable at certain ranges. Lahni is resistant to damage from short-range weapons and specializes in melee. Naturally, a shotgun will synergize nicely with her natural playstyle, but a sniper rifle, not so much.

Lock the Butler in the Fridge, Tomb Raider 2 Style!

Having trouble beating Escape bosses? Is the Flock stripping the flesh from your bones? Perhaps the Warden is smashing you into a fine paste? Well, have we got a pro tip for you: Just lock them in a room and ignore them. Throughout the Hives, you’ll find supply rooms with open-able and, crucially, close-able doors. If you don’t fancy fighting the bosses, you can just lure them into one of these rooms and hit them with a flashbang. This will stun them, giving you ample time to scarper outside and shut the door on them. Problem solved!

Gears 5 Escape Tips

The Leaderboards Actually Matter

Escape also features a leaderboard system. This allows you to compete against other teams to see who can complete the hive in the quickest time. As you fight through the hive, your kills will score you seconds off your total time, with headshots and other skillful kills granting an even bigger bonus. Lower difficulty modes incur a time penalty that make it almost impossible to top the leaderboards. Meanwhile, the higher modes offer a multiplier that increases the time bonus you gain for kills.

The leaderboards reset every seven days. Most importantly, though, players earn rewards depending on how high up the ladder they manage to climb at the end of each week. Just completing the hive gets you an XP boost, while making it into the top 50 percent doubles that XP boost. The real rewards come from the top 10 percent and top one percent, though. Both of these tiers offer unique unlocks including weapon skins, character skins, and emotes. If you want to hit the top one percent, you’re going to need to level up your characters, tackle the higher difficulties, and work together.

Gears 5 Escape Tips

That’s All She Wrote

And that’s your lot! We’ll keep this article updated and let you know if we discover any other Gears 5 Escape tips or sweet moves to help you get ahead in Escape mode. In the meantime, get stuck in there and poison some damned hives. Good luck, Gears.