Gears 5 Collectibles Guide – Act 2 Locations & Directions

Need to know where to find every collectible in Gears 5?

Hidden items are strewn all throughout the world of Gears 5. In each act, you’ll find different collectibles like COG tags and such — depending on the chapter. These aren’t always easy to find, however, so we’ve gone to the trouble of every single collectible location in Gears 5, act-by-act and chapter-by-chapter. This guide is dedicated to the collectibles and their locations in Act 2 of Gears 5. Of course, if you’re looking for the lost items in the previous act, you can check out our Gears 5 guide to every collectible location in Act 1. And if you need to skip ahead, we also have a list of every collectible in Act 2 of Gears 5. Take a look-see!

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Recruitment Drive – Gears 5 Collectibles Guide

Hand-Carved Riftworm Flute: After the cutscene finishes, you’ll be inside the Outsider settlement. When you’re done taking in the spectacular scenery, head down the stairs to your right. At the bottom of your stairs, turn right, and head into a food store. In here you’ll find the flute on the counter. Note, there is also an upgrade component for Jack in the store.

Ilima City License Plate: Head down the stairs and past the fish market. To your right will be a long central street. Walk down the street until you see the Infirmary on your left-hand side. Just opposite the Infirmary, on your right, you’ll see a furnace burning. The license plate is on the metal box in front of the furnace.

Lost Gear Helmet: From the furnace, keep moving forwards past the big monument. On the other side of it, slightly to the left, you will find the helmet on the ground next to some bushes.

Wooden Lancer Toy: After you move through the security checkpoint and help the engineer turn off the faulty steam vent, move down the path until it turns off to the right. The lancer can be found by propped up against a cinder block on your right.

Major Howl and the Battlin’ Ants: Continue down the path until you come across a shop on your left-hand side called Salvage N Trade. Inside here you’ll find the collectible on a table at the back. There’s also another component for upgrading Jack in here too.

New Village Rules Mandate: Move further down the path, past the stables, and into another building (you’ll be called inside by a guard). Once inside, the poster will be on the wall to your left.

Note to the Chief: After Kait’s nightmare sequence, continue down the path and enter the orange and white building ahead of you. The note is on the table in the center of the room.

Norsko’s Letter: Move down through the village, down the stairs, and past the guy tending to his tomatoes (Marcus isn’t the only tomato lover around, this guy seriously loves his tomatoes). Hang a left and go down another flight of stairs. There’s a building dead ahead with some boxes and tires piled up in front. The letter is on the boxes.

Outsider Skiff Schematic: Later in the Act, when you’re fending off the Swarm attack, you’ll fight your way back through the village to the workshop. In the room where you get the Silverback, you’ll find the schematic on a table.

COG Tags – Oscar Diaz: Located in the barn where you first acquire the Skiff. It’s on a bench in the top right-hand corner of the room.

Chapter 2: Into The Wild – Gears 5 Collectibles Guide

Grindlift Maintenance Notes: Inside the train tunnel that you come across on your way to New Hope. You’ll have to fight a Carrier in here. Once you’ve beaten it, the collectible is inside the train car at the back of the tunnel.

Faded Photograph: Just a bit further on from the train tunnel, you’ll see a wrecked train buried in the snow. You can climb inside one of the train cars. The photo is on a corpse at the back of the carriage.

Lena’s Journal: At the Outsider Camp, where you have to get out of the Skiff to advance. It’s by the campfire.

Islander’s Lost Earing: By a wrecked Derrick in front of the Old COG Wall. You’ll find it next to a corpse with a Torque Bow.

Chapter 3: Forest for the Trees – Gears 5 Collectibles Guide

Intercepted Letter: Inside the New Hope facility, just as you enter after defeating the Stump. It’s on a table ahead of you on the right-hand side from your starting position.

Sovereign Directive 10345: When you fall through the floor after barging through a doorway, you’ll end up in a prison area. There are several doors here that can be unlocked by Jack. The one closest to the exit contains the collectible.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Patient Analysis – AX-331-2: From the prison area, move through into the next room. It’s a large room filled with medical equipment. The collectible is on a metal table next to one of the surgical tables.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Patient Analysis – EV-184-9: After you break through the glass window in the child observation room, you’ll find this collectible ahead of you on a desk.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Patient Analysis – RK-619-4: After moving through the main lab area, where you first see the Sires in their stasis tanks, you’ll drop down a ledge. Move along the corridor and take the first door on your right. You’ll see a Sire that was being autopsied on a surgical table. The report is on the metal table next to it.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Timeworn Data Drive: After moving through more of the facility, you will drop down another ledge and into a corridor filled with server towers. The collectible is on your right. It’s quite dark in here, so it can be difficult to spot! Keep your eyes peeled for the interaction icon.

Chapter 4: The Source Of It All – Gears 5 Collectibles Guide

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Security Memorandum: In the East Tower Substation. You’ll find Lena’s frozen corpse here. The collectible is on a cardboard box by a locker in the corner of the room.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Krav’s Locust Tag: Just outside the Old Derrick Site in the North West of this area, near the North Radio Tower. It can be found on a corpse at the entrance, near a grindlift.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations


Grindlift Cooling Actuator: Also at the Old Derrick Site near the second radio tower. You’ll have to battle a bunch of Swarm Drones, Snipers and a Warden. Once the fight is done, the actuator can be found on the Derrick at the back of the arena.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Lena’s Scribbles: On the door to the North Tower Substation. You can’t miss it if you want to get inside, since it’s covering the button to open the door.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Orders From Skorge: At another Old Derrick Site, slightly to the East of the first one we found. You find the collectible on the ground as you first enter.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Grindlift Radiator Component: In the same Old Derrick Site as the collectible above, once you defeated all the Swarm that ambush you. It’s in the grindlift on top of the Derrick that you defend.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Letter to Momma: Up by a busted Centaur on the raised section of the map, just south of the East Tower Station. You’ll find the letter on a box near the wreck.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Frayed Pouncer-Tooth Necklace: In the mine area when you’re looking for explosives. After the big battle on the frozen lake, use the elevator that Jack opens. Move through the building and towards the mine entrance. Before heading inside, climb up the sentry tower near the entrance. The necklace is on a corpse here.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Nethercutt Mining Poster: Inside the mine, after Kait’s nightmare. Go through the double door and turn right. You’ll see a small room with some shelving units inside. The poster is on the wall, to your right as you enter. There’s also a safe with an upgrade component for Jack inside.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Nethercutt Miner’s Journal: Also inside the mine. From the previous collectible, move through another set of double doors and you’ll find a room filled with Swarm pods. Move through the room, on the left-hand side you’ll see a doorway through to a small living area. The collectible is on the table in here.

Chapter 5: Dirtier Little Secrets – Gears 5 Collectibles Guide

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Nethercutt Helmet: Once you reach the main gate to the facility, after Kait’s nightmare. Turn around and take the path just to the left of where you just came from. Take the first right turn and move down the slope. You’ll see several corpses on the ice – the helmet is by one of them.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Subject Analysis – UL-199-2: In the room with the leaking cryo vents. After you shut them down, move across the room with Niles, but instead of following him to the door, veer left and up the ramp. At the top is a control room. The collectible is on a desk at the back. Again: it’s pretty dark in here, so just follow directions and look for the action button!

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Subject Analysis – TE-872-3: After the cutscene in the Lab with Niles, where Kait learns about her heritage. As soon as the cutscene ends, the file is on the floor at your feet.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Lexigram Board: In the next area, where you have to disable another cryo leak. Run through the cryo leak room (either time it with the cryo blasts or just activate stim). The collectible is on the ground near the power generator that you’re going to disable.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Subject Analysis – EV-184-9: In the room where you shut down the cryogenic lockdown (with the help of Niles’ corpse). Once the lockdown is halted, the collectible can be found on the computer console under orange lighting.

Gears 5 Collectible Locations

Sketchbook: In the next room after you shut down the cryogenic lockdown, on the floor to your left as you enter the room.

Thanks for sticking with us, folks! This has been your guide to all the collectible locations in Gears 5 Act 2. Make sure to keep an eye out for each of these hidden items located throughout the game.


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