Furious Rajang Weakness Guide – MHW Tips & Guide

Just try and calm this big guy down (spoilers: it's a lot harder than before).

You probably want to know the best Furious Rajang weakness in MHW. The oversized ape is already one of the toughest fights in the game. Its variant, which is a lot faster and more unpredictable, is even deadlier. You might want to build for Thunder resistance, too, since the angry monkey works a lot more of its electric attacks into the rotation than the more physical, standard version. Barring that, the Thunderproof Mantle won’t go amiss. You do not want to worry about getting stunned by this guy.

On the plus side, Rajang gear (and the alternate color scheme available to Furious Rajang armor) looks cool as hell. It also has a completely different arrangement of skills and set bonuses than its predecessor! You’ll definitely want to break this baboon down into some hot new gear. And we’re here to help.

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Rajang isn’t typically weak to much. In fact, it’s immune to several damage types in MHW. Since this is just a variant, the same can be said of the Furious Rajang weakness list. You want to use weapons with Ice damage for maximum effectiveness. Thankfully there is a wide variety of great Ice weapons to choose from with the release of Iceborne. Velkhana weapons are a well-rounded option — with decent raw and elemental stats — perfectly suited to this purpose. Blast damage should also work, but is only two-star effectiveness.

Furious Rajang Tips – MHW Guide

There are a few other Furious Rajang tips to account for. Attacking its tail to end its “rampage” state, for instance, is no longer an option. Furious Rajang doesn’t have a tail. That’s likely why it’s so angry! The good-ish news is that you can still slow its roll. You just have to hit it in the head to shorten the rampage state, instead of in its tail.

Speaking of weakening the monster: you want to weaken its arms with a Clutch Claw attack more often than ever. Furious Rajang retains the ability to armor itself when it’s angry, and can activate the power even more often than its standard variant. Purple sharpness should let you cut or punch through just fine, but softening the hide with the Clutch Claw ensures everyone on your team can keep at it.

Besides that, Furious Rajang isn’t all that different this time around. It has a slightly greater focus on Thunder attacks than the normal Fanged Beast. So you might want to actually wear a Thunderproof Mantle this time around. Furious Rajang can even pick you up and spew lightning directly in your face — meaning allied players should bring Lifepowder and Dust of Life to support them during their trial.

Furious Rajang’s ranged Thunder attacks can really throw you off your rhythm, too. He now fires ball lightning into the ground — where it sticks around for several seconds like a landmine. After a few seconds, somewhat similar to Brachydios slime, the lightning explodes and launches nearby hunters airborne. That’s very dangerous combined with how Thunderblight makes you more susceptible to stuns. But you can always dive before the electricity bursts, saving yourself with the invincibility frames.

Furious Rajang Armor – MHW Weakness Guide

And here we have a taste of what the Furious Rajang armor looks like. It’s a totally new design, but retains its classical feel. The same can’t really be said for either the armor set bonuses or the skills, however. The Furious Rajang armor is completely different from its standard variant in most ways. Things like Resentment and Protective Polish are completely gone.

Instead we now focus on Maximum Might and Heroics: both of which raise their level caps with two and four pieces of Furious Rajang armor, respectively. And the skills on the gear itself are an eclectic mix of quality of life and damage-dealing options. The legs, in particular, are an interesting and defensive alternative to the stalwart Yian Garuga greaves. The beta boots come with a full three points in Health Boost, plus two Level 4 decoration slots.

Here’s the full Furious Rajang Alpha breakdown:

  • Mask Alpha – 3x Earplugs, 3x Heroics
  • Garb Alpha – 1x Level 1 slot, 3x Maximum Might, 2x Earplugs
  • Arms Alpha – 2x Level 2 slots, 2x Stamina Surge, 3x Defense Boost
  • Belt Alpha – 3x Level 1 slot, 2x Maximum Might, 2x Heroics
  • Feet Alpha – 2x Level 2 slots, 3x Health Boost, 2x Heroics

Here’s the full Furious Rajang Beta breakdown:

  • Mask Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 3x Earplugs, 1x Heroics
  • Garb Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 1x Level 2 slot, 3x Maximum Might
  • Arms Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 1x Level 2 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 2x Stamina Surge
  • Belt Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 1x Level 2 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 2x Maximum Might
  • Feet Beta – 2x Level 4 Slots, 3x Health Boost

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