Furious Rajang Weakness Guide – MHW Tips & Guide

Just try and calm this big guy down (spoilers: you can't).

You probably want to know the best Furious Rajang weakness in MHW. The oversized ape is already one of the toughest fights in the game. Its variant, which is a lot faster and more unpredictable, is even deadlier. You might want to build for Thunder resistance, too, since the angry monkey works a lot more of its electric attacks into the rotation than the more physical, standard version. Barring that, the Thunderproof Mantle won’t go amiss. You do not want to worry about getting stunned by this guy.

On the plus side, Rajang gear (and the alternate color scheme available to Furious Rajang armor) looks cool as hell. At least it did in past Monster Hunter games! And we have no reason to believe that will change, given how good the basic set looks in MHW. The Rajang Rage set bonuses — which imbue Mind’s Eye/Ballistics at two pieces and Protective Polish at four — can also be quite useful. So let’s take a look at the Furious Rajang weaknesses we can expect to work with.

Note: This guide is currently based on information from past Monster Hunter games and speculation. We’ll update it with confirmed details once Iceborne Title Update 3 is live on consoles. Until then, take the information with a grain of salt! Said update will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in March 2020, with PC compatibility following in April.

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Rajang isn’t typically weak to much. In fact, it’s immune to several damage types in MHW. Since this is just a variant, that should remain true with the Furious Rajang weakness list. You want to use weapons with Ice damage for maximum effectiveness. Thankfully there is a wide variety of great Ice weapons to choose from with the release of Iceborne. Velkhana weapons are a well-rounded option — with decent raw and elemental stats — perfectly suited to this purpose. Blast damage should also work, but is only two-star effectiveness against regular Rajang. We also don’t expect that to change.

As always, we’ll update this guide with fresh information if anything changes, or if past details don’t hold up!

Furious Rajang Tips – MHW Guide

There are a few other Furious Rajang tips to account for. Attacking its tail to end its “rage” state, for instance, is no longer an option. Furious Rajang doesn’t have a tail. That’s likely why it’s so angry.

Speaking of which: you want to weaken its arms with a Clutch Claw attack more often than ever. Furious Rajang retains the ability to armor itself when it’s angry, and can activate the power even more often than its standard variant. Purple sharpness should let you cut or punch through just fine, but softening the hide with the Clutch Claw ensures everyone on your team can keep at it.

Starting with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Furious Rajang also flipped its Pitfall Trap weakness. Furious Rajang can only be snared with a Pitfall Trap when it is not enraged, unlike the standard version, which is only susceptible to them when it is enraged. The short version? Furious Rajang is immune to Shock and Pitfall Traps when it becomes enraged. That’s a big problem, since it stays angry so incredibly often. We’ll be sure to let you know if this changed in the transition to MHW and Iceborne!

For more details on Furious Rajang and its MHW weakness, be sure to check back after the next Iceborne update in March! Until then, happy hunting.


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