Fortnite Set up a Generator near the Holotable inside Command Cavern Location

First, there was an explosion.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is in full swing, bringing map changes, a new battle pass featuring Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Prowler, and tons of challenges to complete. From seasonal quests to a new character collection to complete, there is no shortage of activities at hand. This guide focuses on the Fortnite Set up a Generator near the Holotable inside Command Cavern quest, detailing the locations.

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Fortnite Set up a Generator Near the Holotable Inside Command Cavern Locations

As part of the Fortnite Resistance quests, you’re tasked to set up a generator near the holotable inside Command Cavern. This quest is unlocked after you’ve completed the tasks to patch The Imagined into a Loudspeaker in Sanctuary and collect Doomsday Control keys from high security IO locations.

Let’s get into the steps. First, you need to establish a Device Uplink near Command Cavern. This is straightforward enough as you don’t need to head inside the cave just yet. I went for the spot located northeast of the entrance. This is the only one available for this particular quest, mind you.

From here, you have to set up a generator near the holotable inside Command Cavern. Once you’re in the cave, head east — if you remember the quest to download personnel files from the old IO servers, the location is towards there.

Upon arrival, you’re going to notice a locked door with two card key stations on each side. You can’t interact with them, nor is it possible to just break the wall down. That being said, you can enter by using the vents on the right.

This path takes you to a room just on the opposite side of the door. There is a chest in case you fancy some weapons, but if not, just drop down to ground level near the hologram site and deploy the generator to its side to power it up.

Lastly, you’re gonna have to power it up a second time by using both keycards that you’ve obtained in the previous quest, and then interact with the holotable once you’re ready.

Fortnite Set up a Generator 9


That is all for the Fortnite set up a generator near the holotable in Command Cavern objective! It’s a fairly straightforward task, although it can prove troublesome considering the number of players that you’re likely to find around Command Cavern, so as always, keep your guard up and grab as many weapons as possible on your way towards the room.

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Remember that if you don’t see this quest yet, you still need to tackle the objectives from last week, which includes quests such as download personnel files from the old IO servers.