Fortnite Quadcrasher Guide – Where to Find Quadcrasher Locations

Tilted metal.

Destroying objects while driving a Quadcrasher is one of the season quests available this week in Fortnite as Chapter 3 Season 1 continues rampant. Alongside the presence of Klombos, the focus is also on these all-terrain vehicles. You can find them scattered around the map, but if you just want to get the challenge out of the way at the start of a match without stumbling upon many players, here’s where to find Quadcrasher locations.

Where to Find Quadcrasher Locations – Fortnite

While there isn’t just one specific spot, you can find quadcrashers in Crackshot’s Cabin. From Logjam Lumberyard, you’ll notice a small cabin just south of the lake in between — I recommend dropping here from the battle bus at the start of the match.

Thankfully, this is a rather secluded spot. I only found another character but it seemed to be a bot, so it was easy to take it down.

If you look at the front of the house, you’ll see at least two Fortnite quadcrashers there.

Fortnite Quadcrasher 3

Hop on the Quadcrasher and let’s complete the challenge.

How to Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher – Fortnite

Thankfully, the objective is straightforward enough. All you have to do is destroy 30 objects while driving a Quadcrasher. If you’re wondering exactly which objects, pretty much everything except for trees or already-built structures (meaning those that weren’t built by another player) will be destroyed by just driving against them.

From Crackshot’s Cabin, my route was the following: I drove around the cabin and hit every small tree in my way. There are also a few lamp posts, such as the one in the screenshot above, which are also easily destroyed with a gentle bump.

Of course, you can just drive the Quadcrasher towards any nearby town or point of interest — but this comes with the risk of finding players as they tend to be the most populated areas. Luckily, the gas station located southeast of Crakshot’s Cabin is a great spot to wreak havoc.

It’s not elegant, but you can literally just crash against the station’s store a couple of times to destroy any nearby objects inside. In addition, the garage is open and filled with objects, so don’t be afraid to take your Fortnite Quadcrasher for a tour inside.

Alternatively, you can hop off the vehicle, destroy the entrance to the store using your pickaxe (just to avoid drawing any unwanted attention), and drive inside for a couple of seconds. There are enough items in place to finish the challenge on a whim.

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Regardless of where you choose to complete the season quest to destroy objects while driving a Quadcrasher, it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Lastly, this quest will reward you with 25,000 experience, which is a good boost if you’re still trying to get that Spider-Man skin from the battle pass.