Fortnite Klombo Guide – What They Do & How to Feed Klomberries

Klombo chameleon.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 continues, which means you can still get your hands on Spider-Man as well as many other goodies from the battle pass. But if you got in early and were just waiting for new events, this may be a good time to jump back in. Tilted Towers is back, and now there are creatures called Klombos roaming around the battle royale map.

This guide will explain what exactly a Klombo is, what they do, and where you can find Klomberries to get on their good side.

What is a Klombo and What They Do – Fortnite

Remember dinosaurs? They now live in Fortnite under the name of Klombos. It’s quite the rebrand, but fortunately, they bring their own personality. These creatures are huge and roam the map in search of items to consume. Whenever they find loot nearby, Klombos use their big mouth to slurp them. While this may not sound favorable for players trying to stay alive, there are ways to get said items afterward (which I’ll talk about in detail in the next section.)

In terms of a Fortnite Klombo’s behavior with players, they aren’t hostile by nature. If you approach them from the front as they’re moving, you’ll get bounced back instead of receiving damage. But if you approach them from behind, you can actually hop on their tail and stay on top of their back — at least until another player snipes you and ruins the fun.

Fortnite Klombo 2
Slurp them up, Klombo.

While you’re on top of them, you can head over to their heads to find a small hole. This won’t do anything right away, but if you get close, it will act as a geyser and send you up to the air. You can use this to your advantage in case you want to escape from a shootout or just gain some aerial advantage since you’re able to glide afterward.

You won’t find the NPC everywhere. At the moment, there is no specific map icon or signal that marks their location. I found a Klombo south of Coney Crossroads, so I would start by looking around the whereabouts of the towns and main points of interest.

Fuck around and find out.

Now, because I’m sure you must be wondering about it: you can attack a Klombo, which will trigger a hostile response. The creature will immediately change colors and begin to chase whoever attacks them. I witnessed two possible movements: the Klombo can charge at you at high speed and sneeze projectiles at you from a distance.

At the moment, no one has been able to actually kill a Klombo. Shooting them only made for one point of damage at a time, and there was no HP bar on display. My advice? Leave the poor thing alone.

Feed Klomberries to a Klombo – Fortnite

Klombos aren’t afraid to suck up loot from the ground using their nose, but that doesn’t mean that the items are lost forever. In fact, you have a chance to obtain an item from a Klombo by feeding them Klomberries.

Fortnite Klombo 3
I’d go for some Klomberries right now, tbh.

The Klomberry is a new item introduced alongside this prehistoric NPC. It’s not as elusive as the creature itself, and you’ll find it outdoors near bushes and trees. Regardless of where you’re searching on the map, it’s likely that you’ll stumble upon them.

Afterward, you can feed Klomberries to a Klombo. Just throw the item on the ground near the creature and they will automatically move towards it and consume it. If you’re lucky, they will eject a random item from the hole on their heads, which can be anything from a basic to a legendary weapon.

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It’s early to say whether or not Klombos have a hidden ability or if they’ll be part of any specific events in the future. In the meantime, have fun following them around long enough to disassociate and forget that the storm is rapidly coming your way.