Fortnite Gain Shields by Bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms Guide

Where to find Slur Bouncer Mushrooms in Fortnite and gain shields.

The Fortnite Gain Shields by Bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms is a quest introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3. Taking advantage of the new biomes across the battle royale map, you’re bound to stumble upon Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms all around the region. The new season presents massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide explains how where to find Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms to gain shields by bouncing on them.

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Fortnite Gain Shields by Bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms

As part of the first week of weekly quests, you’re tasked to gain shields (10 points total) by bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms across the battle royale map. This sounds like a rather easy quest on paper, but it can be confusing considering that the season has just started and we’re still learning the names of everything that was added.

Now, Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms are glowing, small mushrooms that you can find scattered around the western side of the season 3 map, around the new biome. Don’t confuse them with the big mushrooms, as those are merely for traversal and won’t make you bounce nor give you shields.

For the challenge, all you have to do is approach one of the mushrooms and bounce off from it, as it’s going to give you shield points after doing so for a couple seconds. I recommend heading over to Greasy Grove as there is mushroom next to the big fungi in the southeastern corner of the map.

Make sure that the mushroom is actually glowing, as otherwise it’s going to let you bounce off from it, but you won’t gain any shield. For this mission specifically, you need 10 shield points. You’re likely to get them just from one bounce alone, but if anything, waiting around for a couple of seconds and then bouncing off from it again is going to do the trick just fine.

That is all you need to know to complete the Fortnite gain shields by bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms quest! The only problem Greasy Grove is that it’s quite the popular spot, but again, you don’t need to head exactly there. If you happen to be roaming around the western side of the battle royale map, look for one of these mushrooms and bounce to gain shields.

Also, it’s good to know where some of the mushrooms are located for future reference, especially if you’re being attacked by other players. It’s really hard for people to shoot at you while you’re bouncing all the time, and you can use this to gain an advantage point in mid-air and counterattack, or just plan a safe escape route.